Sunday, November 3, 2019

25 Things that create the Belize experience.....

While you might find a few of these things elsewhere in the world.....most of these are part of what makes the Belize experience so memorable and unique!

1.) There’s a napkin wrapped on every beer ...and you order a beer by saying, "I'll have a beer" (beer=regular Belikin)
2.) Fry jacks - sometimes as big as a football and stuffed with tons of stuff
3.) Belikin Beer
4.) Puddle jumpers
5.) Johnny cakes
6.) English signs...yet you landed in Central America
7.) You'll notice locals will speak English to you - but then immediately turn to their friend and speak 2 other languages, and they can go in and out seamlessly
8.) Golf carts are the preferred, or sometimes only option, in places
9.) Mennonite furniture - once you recognize the Mennonite template, you can't unsee it...and you'll see it......everywhere
10.) The smell of Belize - to me, is a mix of Fabuloso and Mahogany wood
11.) "Right now" means.... not right now
12. ) Highest building is still a Mayan ruin
Image result for xunantunich
13.) The Belizean accent - everyone loves it and it will make you nostalgic when you aren't there
14.) Diversity easily intermixed at a bar - every color, age, socioeconomic status all hang together - and no one is trying to dress fancy
15.) You may randomly find a t-shirt from your tiny American elementary school hanging in a secondhand store window - happens all the time
16.) When it rains, expect everything to blip in and out for a little while - power, internet, cable (not always, but never a surprise)
17.) If you stop to talk to anyone who has lived here a while, you watch as they slowly but clearly scoot over to the nearest shady spot - no explanation needed
18.) Speed humps are the countries best traffic cop
19.) Make sure you check expiration dates at the grocery stores....and be careful buying imported freezer goods!
20.) Drums as the only instrument in the best band you’ll see all week
21.) Mayan ruins as common as Starbucks in NYC
22.) It’s likely your well cared for taxi cab is suffering from a lack of new parts
23.) Fast rains - quick sun - sometimes all day
24.) Hitchhiking is normal - and so are loungers on your parked cart - normal to find a couple Belikins in your cart in the morning
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25.) Good morning, good afternoon, good evening/night (often, twice) is the normal greeting - not "Hi" or "Hello" - and you'll feel compelled to make eye contact and say it to everyone you pass, once you are here a while!