Sunday, April 28, 2019

Eat like a local in San Pedro - Belize Food Tour is highly recommended!

When you are in San Pedro, there are a LOT of choices of places to eat - and a lot of them are tucked away or may not even have a clear sign out front, so you won't know what you are missing! I took the Belize Food Tour last week, the Savor Tour which is in the evening from 6-9pm. This was $72usd per person and was amazingly worth it!!

I was so impressed by the comprehensive number of stops, the generous amount of food (and beers/drinks!!) that were provided - it was WELL worth the time and money and everyone on our tour had a great time. You get a walking tour with lots of stops in the town, and you get to taste a wide array of unique, great local food - and you get a nice history of the town while you are at it. We were stuffed (and buzzed!) by the end and it was a highlight of a friend's visit while here.

Here is their website, very easy to book online:
Here they are on Facebook:

Here are some pics I took of the night!
Starting out at Elvi's for amazing fish....
On to Lily's Treasure Chest for ceviche....

Fun history of the town as you walk....
Sticks approved of the Paletas (note, he is small and can hide in a bag but a few of the places were not places to bring dogs :) ) **good thing he doesn't know he is a dog

 Delicious Garnaches and Salbutes...this local place was so hidden I don't know the name of it!! We also had amazing Cashew juice here.

On to Briana's for more deliciousness

Then to Saul's Cigar House for AMAZING coconut shots - these were incredible!

Then the Pupuseria....for.....pupusas
And ended the night at Holiday House with some Flan! Stuffed!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

An example of typical eating and grocery shopping habits while living in Belize!

I have had a lot of questions recently about exactly how expensive it is to shop in Belize - especially in San Pedro, because it is an island. There is no doubt that imported foods are very expensive in Belize - but as you figure out what is a good value and what you can live without, it becomes a lot more reasonable! You do have to change your cooking and eating habits somewhat in living here, and if you are only here for a short visit, and looking for some US foods, you might think it is very expensive. For a short visit, you don't have to commit to changes in your eating, for great value - just enjoy the vast array of amazing street food options and local foods that are very reasonably priced - chicken, rice and beans, and burritos and tacos of all sorts can be found for $5us or less. Most restaurants have great specials and/or a few local dishes on the menu that are much lower priced.

So yesterday I went to the farmer's market stand and got the following:

-1 head cabbage
-2 heads iceberg lettuce
-3 potatoes
-1 cucumber
-1 carrot
-4 purple onions
-9 habaneros
-1 bunch cilantro
-5 roma tomatoes
-3 green peppers
Total: $15usd
Then I stopped by Pollo Feliz where I bought 2 huge rotisserie chickens, which come with a huge stack of homemade corn tortillas and a bunch of homemade pico de gallo. This was $20usd.

With this, and some white vinegar, mayo, shredded cheese, milk, butter, and salad dressing that I had on hand, I was able to make several days of meals for two people. The first dinner was chicken with mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and dinner salad. I also made Belizean pickled onions (habaneros and onions boiled with white vinegar and then a touch of Splenda - put it on everything!) There were several lunches of chicken tacos with the pico, corn tortillas, and shredded cheese. You can also put chicken on a dinner salad with this combination. This is approximately enough for a few days of meals for most people. (I also boiled a dozen eggs which is a cheap breakfast.) With the eggs and other ingredients, the total for two people to eat for a few days was less than $50usd. And this is all whole, natural food that wasn't difficult to prepare, and you can eat this combination a LOT without getting tired of it!