Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sargassum is gone....but there is still plenty of beauty to enjoy no matter what mother nature brings!

Sargassum has been an issue for a few weeks in parts of Belize - and it is a nuisance to everyone. It can come and go, or stick around pretty nastily for days at a time; it is very unpredictable. Many visitors in their first time to Belize had a lot of questions. Because having it wash in, in the amount it has been, is still a relatively new phenomenon, there are many different theories you will find. It is everywhere in the Caribbean - not just Belize by any stretch, and many places get it much worse.

Guests ask why Belize doesn't use nets or bulldozers, the way they would imagine it would be done in the US? Belize is unique in that it has a fragile barrier reef, the 2nd largest in the world, to protect. It typically gets more sea grass than an average beach because the sea grass helps support the marine life. Without it, there wouldn't be the amazing sea creatures that people come from all the over the world to snorkel with. It is part of the ecosystem and is not seen as a negative thing in reasonable quantities. We cannot use nets and heavy beach equipment because it destroys the fragile beaches (you can see much beachfront all over the world is seawalled - the seaweed helps build up the shore, and it doesn't take much to erode a beach.) Belize takes the protection of sea creatures very seriously, and the use of nets or other water devices will cause those same creatures to get caught up in them.

So Belize tends to take care of the seaweed the old-fashioned way - by person at a time, with a pitchfork and wheelbarrow, or just a shovel and rake. This means that it doesn't get cleared fast, and while we all hate the Sargassum, and we are all concerned about the garbage that tends to get caught up in the seaweed and wash in, it can be helpful to see the bigger picture and what is best in the long run for the environment. This post is meant to show the other beautiful things you can look at - even if the shore is messy. Also, the final pictures show what the beach is like when it inevitably goes away - and Belize is working towards environmentally friendly ways to balance the desire for our beaches to stay clear, and to do what's best for the long run!
You can take a walk through town - we have an amazing sidewalk with jaw dropping, postcard worthy snapshots....

We are fortunate in Placencia Village to have a wide enough beach in areas that even if the shore is messy - the views are still incredible.

You can always find a hotel that has a pool that provides you the exotic experience you came to Belize for....
 Paddleboarding is always an option if you can get past the shore!!
And one morning - poof! It's gone and back to normal :)
 And Sticks has been enjoying an extended vacation in Placencia...his favorite place in the world :) He has thoroughly been enjoying each and every dog-friendly guest!!

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