Thursday, December 14, 2017

Latest news out of Belize! New airport, arena, top 10 lists, and more!

Once in a while I like to round up all the happenings in this country, as I follow these like a hawk, and it might be helpful to have a summary of what's been going on that you may have missed! As always, this tiny country somehow always ends up in world wide news pretty frequently. Here is the latest stuff!!
(and enjoy some totally unrelated-to-the-news-stories pics of Belize sprinkled throughout)
Silk Caye
---In arguably the biggest news for Belize, the government just signed a deal to start building a $100 million international airport on Ambergris Caye! 

---A $33 million sports arena - seriously state of the art - just opened in Belize City after 2 years in the making:
Rick's Cafe
---This is a bit of a niche area, but interesting - apparently Rugby is becoming a big thing in Belize!

---I have followed this amazing green decor line for years - they just featured Itzana from Placencia!
Ranguana Caye
---Forbes has been hot for Belize in the last couple years, they decided in this article that it was one of the top 30 cheapest places to travel:

---Love this article from highlighting some of the crazy sounding food you can sample here:
Tipsy Tuna beach
---Wow - here Belize is rated by the Telegraph and one of the world's most underrated destinations:

---I was thrilled to hear that Tropic Air is going to be starting a miles program for frequent travelers here!
Barefoot Bar
---New non stop flight between Toronto and Belize!

---Hilton just opened one of the first branded properties in Belize:
Friends Near the Pier
---Belize won the Bronze at the Central Amercian games in basketball - this is amazing in such a small country!

---And recently Placencia had its End of the World Marathon!
Tipsy Tuna

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our favorite pics from the start of high season in Placencia, Belize!

The start of high season in Placencia usually means that the village is in tip-top shape....all the painting, construction, etc, mostly ceases and it becomes all about the visitors! Here are our top 12 favorite images from around CBC and the village in the last couple weeks! You may find yourself booking a flight after you take a look...
 The first views our guests see as they enter CBC...
The view from the tower in Hacienda...
Our new office! And we are now offering cold towels at check in along with your welcome drink :) 
Had to add this one....our lovely guests sent these to staff after check out!
Love this view of the beach, that you'll see each time you leave CBC and head into the village 
Spectacular sunrise
Must-do on every beach vacation! 
Great photo op by Tipsy Tuna...
 Our two favorite beach pics from CBC! #1....
Beautiful, clear day - the view from the Villas 
My personal favorite of the bunch :)