Friday, November 3, 2017

Walk through all the new and improved touches at CBC! Stunning, tropical, exotic scenes....

Many of the resorts in Belize, big and small, have to shut down for a few weeks a year to do some touch ups. The salt air is really hard on paint, mechanicals, etc, and we don't want our guests' experiences to be disrupted by this maintenance. We also closely listen to what our guests tell us that they love, and ideas that they have, and we try to make small improvements any chance we get! Here are this year's improvements, and the first couple weeks we have reopened have been a great success!

The entrance is more soothing, more natural, and now has a huge shaded palapa and reception area! The new office and reception area were our biggest changes this year. 
We are just thrilled with the new office. The lights, art, and seating set a very exotic, natural, and comfortable experience as guests arrive. The cold towel and complimentary drink doesn't hurt either...
Festive lights and a light breeze from above...
Exotic seating area for guests checking in, or waiting for their excursions...
Our new office! On site concierge, and a central place for guests to find us.
Inside the office, cold water, a/c, and friendly faces!
The reception area from behind as you enter CBC...
We made a lot of small landscaping changes, new palapa trim on the Casa, and fresh paint to make the entrance as soothing as possible
New Casa area
Many new exotic plant touches will enhance your experience as you walk through
Sidewalk refacing will be noticed throughout
View from Villa Mar second floor terrace
New second table under the pool! Plenty of seating for all
The Casita has received special attention recently, new couch, pillows....
New lights, stools....
Walking up to Sol veranda....Sol received new indoor lights and new paint
New sidewalk and refreshed landscaping
Sol from the front
The art has all been refreshed, and re-placed, to be even more enjoyable
New game area! All the games are now in one place, and you can go play Cornhole right on the beachfront!
Looking back from the beach
Luna also received paint and lights

Relax in the new hammock or the old favorite, the palapa table!
Close up of hammock
Refreshed art
View from La Hacienda
Closeup of new pool coping
The Hacienda tower got a paint refresh
We have even more wonderful changes and surprises in store for future guests! We have a new logo, and our new logo gear is coming in shortly. We have so many repeat guests and we want each experience to be even better than the last! 

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