Thursday, September 28, 2017

What's new/what's closed for low season in Placencia, Belize??

Things change a lot in Belize - there are many, many businesses here that stay open and can be relied on year after year, and then there are others that shut down for low season, or shut down and sometimes we don't know why! Placencia as a village runs on Facebook, so a lot of people get their information from different Facebook groups. Unless you are a frequent visitor, it is very hard to keep up with changes, so here are some updates you may have missed!

Casino reopened - The Placencia Casino up in the northern part of the peninsula has reopened, HERE is their Facebook page - always smart to check here to make sure they are open the night you want to go. Sometimes they have shuttles from the village as well.

Placencia Yoga - new hours (from a Facebook post!)
"Ms. Pam's back and happy to offer you Core Yoga & Stretching for all levels at the Wild Orchid on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at 10am for only $10BZ. Happy to share my 20 years of teaching experience from the USA. Check out my FB pages for more information (see below)"

Citrus Sensations pizza - Just sayin' - our guests have been raving that their pizza is amazing, so it is worth checking out. Especially since Cha Chi's pizza is recently closed and is said to reopen 11/1.  (For your low season pizza fix, try above! There is also wonderful pizza at the Galley - and they deliver! - or Sundays 2 for 1 at Turtle Inn for pizza!)

People are raving about The Burger Joint, right in the village!

This is a new activity/excursion - at least, I haven't seen it before and it looks really unique!
Garifuna Drumming Lessons....
#SplashDiveCenter ... #CulturalTourism is amazing ... join Kevin from "The Light of Seine Bight Drumming School" - "Legemeri Seinbedi Drumming School" ... Daily Garifuna drumming lessons, dance ,cooking lessons and group performance ... For more information call 610-0235 ... #GarifunaCulture #LearnToPlayTheDrums #SeineBight #Seinbedi #Belize

Oh, it's football season....and that is fun around here. Nothing like watching football in 100+ degree heat index!
Sunday at Yoli's Bar. NFL Football on two TV's and  lunch specials.
Yoli's Bar is on the beach by the Paradise Resort Hotel

Trivia is really hot here, a couple new spots to play!
Saturday afternoon trivia. Starts at 3pm at Yoli's Bar.
Tuesday's at 6, The Flying Pig......

Flea Market shopping
There has been a gradual increase in the number of shopping stalls in the village, in the public space behind the ReMax bus station. It is kind of a flea market, you never know what you will find, but sometimes there are really inexpensive and fun treasures!

General Yoga Info
Check HERE for the latest schedules.....they change frequently and there are always special yoga events.

Mistletoe Ball date announced...
Here is a highly anticipated event every year!
Check HERE for more info.

What's closed right now?
If you are headed here - just some FYI things that are temporarily closed....and keep in mind, there is PLENTY to do here in low season! Our guests never run out of things to do here, and you could never get everything done in a week or more anyway!

Cozy Corner - reopening at least by Oct 7th, check this out!
Its That Time Of The Year Again! Cozy Corner 41st Anniversary Party!!! Bring Out Your Family & Friends And Have Fun!!!
Beach Party @ 12pm-6pm
Dance Party @ 9pm-3am
Tutti Frutti  - this lovely couple goes back to Italy and brings ingredients back, for the best gelato ever....they will reopen sometime in October!
Detatch - reopens sometime in October or November
Naia - Reopens October 16th
Maya Beach Bistro  - reopens October 5th
Dawn's Grill - reopens October 16th
Wendy's Creole Grill - Will be closed from October 8th - reopening October 23rd
La Dulce Vida - closes 10/1 and reopens first week of November
Cha Chi's Pizza - see above for link  - (and new kareoke!) will reopen 11/1.
The Shak - will close October 4th-17th
Guests often ask about Tranquilo or Fusion - at this time, both are still closed, we will keep you posted!

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