Thursday, May 5, 2016

Get in a vacation mood!!! Top 10 favorite images recently posted, in Placencia, Belize!!

Just like the title says - check these out if Spring is slow to get to your hometown (like in mine, of Cleveland, OH, where on Cinco de Mayo, everyone is still wearing winter coats!) Nothing like looking at tropical and fun images to get you in a summery, vacationey mood!!! :)

If you want even #placencia and select images, or search that hashtag on Instagram to see the latest photos that people are posting!!

Tipsy Tuna View...
tipsytunabelize - Instagram 
Cozy Corner beach
alizarosie -Instagram
Walking up to Barefoot Bar
magpiejillian - Instagram
Charming beach rental place near Tipsy Tuna
myhouseofbricks - Instagram 
The famous Placencia Sidewalk
rushtonwastaken - Instagram 
View of Placencia from the water...
amberbelize - Instagram 
View from Detatch
casey_orzech - Instagram 
Another view off Placencia Sidewalk....
beachbumlydz - Instagram
The view from Raguana Caye Beach - an excursion you can take from Placencia!
billysbeachbar - Instagram
View of the pier at the southern point of the peninsula - looking right
erinrothman - Instagram
And a view from the same Instagrammer, looking left!

And just a few more......a few that our own Sue Vasquez caught on camera recently....
 Bonita with her game face on.....a face that has a nose that ALWAYS has sand on it....
 One of many charming farmers market stands in the village
A pretty afternoon at Laru Beya

I don't think we will experience a shortage of these images anytime soon!! Please tag your own images #caribbeanbeachcabanas and we will post them on our facebook page!!


  1. Laura, after having watched beachfront bargain hunt for the 2nd time today when I flipped on the tv, I have to ask if Dave is a radio personality in his prior life or voice over artist! Great voice!

  2. Ha, Lisa he did have a radio show in Cleveland but he has always had that voice :):)

  3. Ha, Lisa he did have a radio show in Cleveland but he has always had that voice :):)