Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's slow season, and there is Sargassum, but everyone is still having fun in Placencia!

The Sargassum has been the talk of most of the Caribbean recently, and Belize and Mexico have been getting hit pretty hard for several weeks now. There have been days where it didn't seem more seaweed was coming in, but then the next morning would bring new patches floating around, just when we thought we were done! It is also hitting different parts of the peninsula different days--some parts aren't too bad, and you can still swim at Placencia Point, Maya Beach, and Tranquilo :)

A great picture from Mylene Colmar on Twitter from Mexico, which represents how it looks pretty much everywhere, on a very very bad day--most days are about a 1/10 of this:

Here is a good article about Sargassum in the area.

There is still PLENTY to do here and the seaweed does NOT have to ruin your trip. Those that live here and run resorts are more than happy to guide you to where you won't have to deal with it. It could be gone in a week or a month but no one is canceling vacations over this! These two shots were taken within the week, no problem with the views!!

Even though some local places close during slow season, guests have been having a blast here. We recently had an engagement on Luna's veranda (YAYYYY!), guests have been enjoying Secret garden, Belize Ocean Club, Rick's Cafe, Tranquilo, Turtle Inn, the coffee shops, and Fusion Beach. Fusion Beach will be closed in October and Tutti Frutti will stay closed through October. Tranquilo is closing for the next 3 weeks to do some renovations.

Because we are finishing up building the house, I have not been out and about taking pictures like usual, so here are some I stole from #placencia on Instagram, of what recent guests have been enjoying!
(Jeff Wilson, Instagram)
(belizeoceanclub, Instagram)
(Jesmenbz, Instagram)
(me! 2 days ago, Fushion Beach)

Also, a recent guest raved about a Thai massage at Siriphon's on Main street, and she has Friday Thai food that is reportedly out of this world. You can stop by during lunch to get it. Here's a pic from her Facebook page of what she serves:
Eucalypto has been having sushi on Thursdays for lunch, this is amazing! You can stop right by, close to Brewed Awakenings.

BB Yoga Flow reopens on September 7th, yay!

And the good old places like Flying Pig, Pickled Parrot, Rumfish, Barefoot Bar are as busy as ever and no slow season closing reported :) All the excursions are still going, and recent guests raved about Cayequest, Trip N Travel Maya ruins outing, Percy's Monkey River tour, and Silk Caye!
Silk Caye, bmbunge, Instagram

We have had no rain and gorgeous weather here for weeks now!!! Here's Stick's new view from our second story, more pics to come!

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