Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sargassum is gone! Rain is here, but slow season still has a lot of fun going on!

The big news at Caribbean Beach Cabanas recently is that Sue and Carlos are officially our new managers!! They have moved in on site and we have been very busy finishing up the main house. Dave and I will be renting out the 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment upstairs, and it turned out absolutely amazing. After a few more touches pictures will be up. We will live in it part of the year and rent it part of the year, and I KNOW the guests that stay there are going to be amazed!!! Sue and Carlos are SO GOOD that recent guests have written me personal emails to tell me what a wonderful job they did. We are thrilled to have them!

Although the rain has picked up, especially at night, it has been spectacular here. The Sargassum is gone!! It was so pretty today that Victor and Jacobo, and Carlos took a break from working today to throw a line in the water.....they have been hard at work getting the new house done, we are 90-some% of the way there! Pictures to come soon. But check out this water!!!

Sue caught this unfiltered sunrise recently..
The rain has finally come in after a mini dry season in August. It has been raining off and on during the days, but mostly at night. There is still plenty of sunshine and breaks from rain to totally enjoy your vacation, and although a lot of places close in low season, there is plenty open. We had a great time last night at Rick's Cafe, and then found a lively group at Tipsy Tuna. There was a huge party at Yoli's last night, and plenty of other activities to keep you as busy as you want to be!

Here is a sample of what is happening this week!! (a great idea if you are coming down is to join the Facebook group Placencia-What's Happening??????? (yes with the questions marks!) ---that is where a lot of activities are posted. You can see more info on all these events there. I cut and pasted pictures and announcements form these local establishments:

Sat. Sept. 26:
The bi-weekly Sat. jam @ The Pickled Parrot , WEBEJAMMIN' (again),
Jam hosted by HOT PAPAYA. Musicians welcome. Starts around 6:00 PM.
A Placencia landmark and long time local favorite, the Pickled Parrot offers a cool, laid back Caribbean experience with a full bar, good food (killer burgers) great people and cool music. You haven't been to Placencia if you haven't been to the Parrot!!

The Flying Pig:

At Mango's in Maya Beach....
- Shrimp Ceviche served with corn chips - $14.00
- Greek Salad topped with calamari served with garlic toast - $24.00
- Belizean Special: Stew Beef, coconut rice & coleslaw - $12.00
- Pizza Special: Roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, bacon, basil and feta cheese - $24.00

Nautical inn pool party today!!! We're ready !!!!!!!!!!!! Pool, volley ball competition, canoe racing, swim suit competition, and dance competition.... twerk it competition! Drop by! Lotta drinks ice cold beers and mixed drinks
Reservations 5233197.
Looks like it's going to be a sunny Saturday!
See you today at our pool.

For a special excursion....

Confirmed Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve NIGHT tour for Sunday, September 27.
It takes only about an hour drive to get to our destination. Just on the drive we may get to see wildlife such as Grey Foxes, Coati Mundis, common paraques (night hawk) and much more.
Upon arrival, we have dinner and then begin the tour with our first hike, which lasts about 2 hours. The longer we're out, the more chances we have to see wildlife such as the elusive Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Margay and the Jaguarundi.
We have a little rest and then put on our swim wear!!! YES, we go river tubing at NIGHT!!! However, if the river is too high, we do a second hike instead and still get wet at the waterfall (optional).
This unique tour costs $90 US and includes entrance fees, head lights, dinner and beverages. Departs at 5 p.m. and returns between 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. For reservations please call Doyle at 6002318 or Miss Dana at 6606333 or e-mail:

Friends Near the Pier....BELGIUM WAFFLES!!!
If you think our Pancakes and French Toast are good, wait until you taste our new menu item WAFFLES!!
Tropical waffles, banana waffles, DOUBLE CHOCOLATE (with chocolate chips and a yummy chocolate batter) waffles,
No wonder they call this "Paradise"!
Friends Makes it a Beautiful Thing!!
Friends Near The Pier...south end of the Placencia side walk. 667-4805

Jaguar Lanes Bowling and great pizza:

For some comfort food.....
Delicious turkey dinner sale tomorrow Saturday September 26th at the office of Nite Wind Tours down at the end of the main road next to the old gas station.Chef Cliff cooking up a storm once again!On the menu will be baked turkey with homemade stuffings,coconut rice and beans,gravy,potato salad and cranberry sauce.$12 a plate.For orders call 660-6333 or 600-4810.Pure niceness mi seh!!!

Here is the latest information about what is closed, all will reopen either Oct or Nov!
Secret Garden Restaurant closed till mid-October, Cozy's & Tranquilo Restaurants are closed till October
La Dolce Vita closes September 21 until November
Barefoot Beach Bar closed till aprox. September 27th
MBH Bistro closed Sept 8-28.
Tipsy Tuna closed Tuesday's
De 'Tatch Cool Spot open 11am-5:30pm, closed Wednesday
Sailfish Resort open noon-5pm & closed on Wednesdays.
Mojos is closed Sunday's and Mondays.
Fusion Beach closes September 28 till November

Tranquilo reopens with a facelift on Oct 8th, can't wait!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's slow season, and there is Sargassum, but everyone is still having fun in Placencia!

The Sargassum has been the talk of most of the Caribbean recently, and Belize and Mexico have been getting hit pretty hard for several weeks now. There have been days where it didn't seem more seaweed was coming in, but then the next morning would bring new patches floating around, just when we thought we were done! It is also hitting different parts of the peninsula different days--some parts aren't too bad, and you can still swim at Placencia Point, Maya Beach, and Tranquilo :)

A great picture from Mylene Colmar on Twitter from Mexico, which represents how it looks pretty much everywhere, on a very very bad day--most days are about a 1/10 of this:

Here is a good article about Sargassum in the area.

There is still PLENTY to do here and the seaweed does NOT have to ruin your trip. Those that live here and run resorts are more than happy to guide you to where you won't have to deal with it. It could be gone in a week or a month but no one is canceling vacations over this! These two shots were taken within the week, no problem with the views!!

Even though some local places close during slow season, guests have been having a blast here. We recently had an engagement on Luna's veranda (YAYYYY!), guests have been enjoying Secret garden, Belize Ocean Club, Rick's Cafe, Tranquilo, Turtle Inn, the coffee shops, and Fusion Beach. Fusion Beach will be closed in October and Tutti Frutti will stay closed through October. Tranquilo is closing for the next 3 weeks to do some renovations.

Because we are finishing up building the house, I have not been out and about taking pictures like usual, so here are some I stole from #placencia on Instagram, of what recent guests have been enjoying!
(Jeff Wilson, Instagram)
(belizeoceanclub, Instagram)
(Jesmenbz, Instagram)
(me! 2 days ago, Fushion Beach)

Also, a recent guest raved about a Thai massage at Siriphon's on Main street, and she has Friday Thai food that is reportedly out of this world. You can stop by during lunch to get it. Here's a pic from her Facebook page of what she serves:
Eucalypto has been having sushi on Thursdays for lunch, this is amazing! You can stop right by, close to Brewed Awakenings.

BB Yoga Flow reopens on September 7th, yay!

And the good old places like Flying Pig, Pickled Parrot, Rumfish, Barefoot Bar are as busy as ever and no slow season closing reported :) All the excursions are still going, and recent guests raved about Cayequest, Trip N Travel Maya ruins outing, Percy's Monkey River tour, and Silk Caye!
Silk Caye, bmbunge, Instagram

We have had no rain and gorgeous weather here for weeks now!!! Here's Stick's new view from our second story, more pics to come!