Thursday, November 13, 2014

Updated pictures of our renovation! (If you haven't booked may when you see them!) :)

While we are still waiting on an actual professional to get some pictures of our place, I did my amateur best in the meantime :) We have been having a ball with our first guests, and everyone seems to be having a great time. We had Kris and Rick, honeymooning from Cleveland, and they did Cockscomb and ATM--loved both tours and highly recommend them. We also have Elaine and Martin from B.C., and they have been wonderful guests. They are here until Saturday, and they have done Cockscomb, Belize Ocean Club, we had a beach cookout last night, and they have kayaked and swam every day. The weather has been AMAZING! The beach has been perfect, so we are thrilled with the first couple weeks. Our guests may be going on a sunset cruise with Robert's Grove later today, and perhaps Monkey River.

We had a stop last week from Rebecca Coutant, who has the most read blog in San Pedro, called San Pedro Scoop. She came in to check out the latest developments in Placencia and included us in her blog post, which can be seen here.

I am very proud of living in Placencia and showing it off! We are booked pretty solidly through April at this point and hating to turn down guests whose dates are already filled. Maybe time to look at some extra cabanas next season!

Here are the latest pictures:
Finished Cabana exterior!
 View from North end of CBC from beach
 Close up of front of veranda
 View as you step onto veranda
Interior pictures of cabanas

 Two breakfast bars inside, one facing the Sea, the other facing the open kitchenette
Views of the back of the cabanas (the casita/where you check in)
 What you see facing backwards from the cabanas-towards back of property
 Side view of office/casita...where you will first check in (and get your complimentary drink!)
Front palapa for guests
 Beach chairs, beachfront--between cabanas and Sea
 View from Luna front veranda
 View from Sol front veranda
 Fun art as you enter from sidewalk
 Picture of sunset from front of cabana (sunrise is even better!)
 View from Sea

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