Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Typical beach vacation week :)

Madalyn, Tom, and Kate have been here since Sunday. On Monday Tom and Madalyn went cave tubing and ziplining--they loved their experience other than the long and bumpy drive to get there. :) They went with Explore Belize, with Dennis, and they recommended this tour for those coming down who want this excursion. He has good reviews on trip advisor:

We went to Wendy's Creole for dinner and had lobster, ceviche, and fish--very good!

Yesterday the clouds finally cleared and it was a beautiful and hot day. Tom, Madalyn, and Kate played on the beach all day....Kate actually helped with pruning :) Tom decided to get the coconuts off the top of a tree about 20' high....Madalyn and Tom tried to rent kayaks but they were sold out....low season?? We ended up staying in and having dinner on the beach, I made a very simple chicken and rice with local seasoning.
Coconut man.

Hanging out on the beach
Kate's spot
I spent most of the last couple days working on more art for the grounds. The norm down here is handpainted signs to welcome you to a property, which is so old fashioned and charming!
 Blue hole stool
Tom is out for his first scuba experience today, Madalyn and Kate are making friends on the beach, and Friday we go for a day sail! It has been a relaxing week so far but it is flying by!!

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