Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Laughingbird Caye snorkeling!

Yesterday we went snorkeling at Laughingbird Caye--it was amazing and highly recommended! Our neighbor Bebe had scheduled to go with her granddaughter Elizabeth, and Shannon and I were planning on going anyway, so we tagged along and went on Ocean Motion's tour with Sonny. Sonny was a great guide! The waves were really rough on the way out and he was great at navigating through it. For $75 US, you get the boat ride there and back, a donation to the park, a barbeque lunch, and two guided snorkels. It is a breathtaking island, check out these pictures!!
Plenty of places of hang out in the shade....a ranger lives here full time.
 The open water side--rougher but clearer

The western side...calmer....the colors in the water looked like a postcard :)

 Our vessel!

Bebe had an underwater camera and I will post those later. The first snorkel was on the more cloudy eastern side of the island. We saw some awesome coral, fish, crabs, lobsters, and starfish looking things. The second half was even more spectacular--we swam with a nurse shark and barracudas!! The water was really clear on the eastern side and Sonny worked really hard to find us fun things in the water. 

Shannon was happy about getting a $40 pedicure before she came. It lasted about 3 days before the combination of bugspray, spf, sand, water, and heat rubbed it away! (A pedicure should NOT be on your to do list before you come down :) )
Our lunch of bbq chicken, cole slaw, cheesy potatoes, and pineapple was awesome! We also enjoyed how down here, it is normal to serve up parts of the chicken that we normally don't see in the US--including the neck and talons. Just had to get a picture of those parts....and yes I ate them!! (Not highly recommended.)
 No one looks hot in their gear. Especially when you add flippers to this.
 Our group! 
I cooked last night again, and it has been fun figuring out what you can make with what is available down here. Shannon has tried my version of chicken and rice (slow cooked chicken with local spices, rice mixed with pico de gallo), and last night we made a taco salad bar (lettuce, pico, cheese, beef with taco spice, guacamole, sour cream).

This morning we are taking is easy. Our backs got burned yesterday and Shannon informed me that it is relax time :) Shannon cooked up some eggs in her cabana this morning and Dave and Victor are hard at work in the casita. They are really shaping up the kitchen! It is HOT today and I give those two a mountain of credit!
This was just open space that they built off the old casita. The upper cabinets will have doors with cut out screens and be painted sunshine yellow. The bar will be tiled with Mexican blue tile and the lower bar will be covered with bamboo. 
The bar on the left they tiled this morning, and the bottom of the bar will be covered in bamboo.
 Still a lot of hard work but it is shaping up beautifully!! 

Later tonight we are going to the handing over ceremony for Rotary, at the Flying Pig. I also get pinned as a Placencia Rotary member tonight! Tomorrow Shannon and I are going to do a Maya Beach crawl, and Friday we are heading to Yoli's to watch the sunset, and then Rumfish for dinner :) Saturday we are going to try for another water/boat day if weather permits! Sunday she leaves :( 

We then have a week to get the cabanas in shape for Kate/Madalyn/Tom's visit! I heard from them that they are going to want to do a sail on a catamaran and do a scuba course, fun!! Good stories to come and let's hope rainy season holds off some more, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL this last week!

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