Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday highs and lows! :)

I was still feeling under the weather today which was pretty crummy :( I also forgot to put bug spray on, then hung out at dusk, after a rain, on Sunday, and I have probably 100 sand fly bites on my legs. Note to visitors :): Wear bug spray in early morning, dusk, or after a rain!! :) You don't know you are getting bit until too late....these bites are about 100x itchier than a mosquito bite.

So that was the low note for me.....the low note for Sticks is that he hasn't been allowed to play with any of the beach dogs due to the fleas, and he LOVES playing with other dogs. It is sad to watch him watching them. The one time I did let him interact I had to spend a while getting a few rogue fleas off him. He is getting cabin fever and I need to find a house dog for him to play with!

Dave didn't have a low note today :) We spent the morning trying to put more flea meds on the beach dogs, only to have one run off after just one squirt, and the other promptly rubbed all of it off on the sand. :-/. We will keep trying! We then cleaned the beach, and then met up with a contractor to look at a few homes and we got very excited about the possibilities of building on the site. I think we are really going to create something special and fun over here :)

Dave then went to Rotary, and I stayed home due to feeling at my worst mid afternoon....and at Rotary, he met a very interesting guy from Sweden, named Sabastian, and his friend Thomas. Sabastian is a documentarian who said he goes to Rotary meetings all over the world because he always meets interesting people--that is a GREAT reason and also true!....you would never be able to make these kind of connections without the venue to do it in. Sabastian and Thomas stopped over for a beer and a swim later in the day...here they are not having any fun :)....
I peeled myself up to run some errands--my computer stopped working along with 2 chargers for my phone, so it is no joke that the salt air is hard on your electronics! I picked that up and then went to the post office and to pay the trash bill like normal people do lol. I stopped at Brewed Awakenings again because I thought that a seaweed fruit smoothie might help...and it did!!! You really have to come here when you visit...

It was a beautiful day and I was sad I didn't feel better till later in the day. What is nice is that you can count on a lot of these nice days instead of feeling like that one sunny day is now lost and gone forever, a you sometimes do up North :). 


  1. Thank you for your blog - I look forward to reading it daily to keep up with what is going on around the neighborhood. The casita is looking great! I am looking forward to meeting you when I arrive in June. I hope you are feeling better today; a cold is no fun no matter where you are.

  2. Thanks Bebe!! Can't wait to see you down here soon!