Friday, May 9, 2014

The Pier, birds, and sand in the face!

We took a bike ride around town to get some things done, stopping by the pier as I heard you can buy some authentic Belize goodies, and there was a stand where you can buy coconut oil, honey, coffee, and other good stuff for $5 US-worth a walk down! We also met Brenda who has a Caribbean food stand and she was a doll. We ended up eating about a 3 course meal and it was great and inexpensive. It is a fun place to sit and watch the fishermen leave too! A couple pics from the pier, which is at the southern tip of the peninsula:

 Dave has taught himself how to build the kind of window you see  in the Caribbean, which has louvers, and he has added those....we also spent part of the day painting the new zinc ceiling a pretty aqua will be a very Caribbean looking casita!

It was HOT today and one of the guys who has been doing work for Dave stopped by and offered to finish painting we took him up on it and went for a swim :) We sat and watched the water..and got caught up in a swarm of birds, not sure what they are called, but they were not afraid of us!

Poor Sticks was with us and at one point two dogs wanted to play with him. He wigged out with desire to play and so I let him down...and he proceeded to try to run at them SO hard that he faceplanted in the sand, embarrassed himself, got a face and mouth full of sand and then they didn't want to play with Here are some post humiliation pics...(he is fine and so is his pride, he has already forgotten it)

Those same louvered windows....are TOUGH to clean! You have to clean the louvers themselves, and then the metal that protects the windows, and then the screen, it is about 20 minutes per window! We are right on the salt water so the environment is really hard on them. Here is a random pic of what I have been doing for the last few days!!
And finally here is a great picture of some of the palm trees in the back yard that Dave caught on his camera...
We are going to bed early to be rested for our fun week ahead of us!! Yay Beth gets here at 1pm tomorrow! 

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