Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday :)

We were planning on going to the Belize Ocean Club today for their Sunday pool party, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate today. Kind of overcast and drizzly to start... the pool will have to wait....but check out this picture of their Sunday Funday...I have heard it is a Sunday activity you want to do when you visit!:
We did get out and take a bike ride this morning, and had breakfast at the Crow's Nest Cafe. This is located on the water on the southern tip of the peninsula. It was gorgeous down there despite the clouds and I caught some great pictures-and Sticks was allowed to eat with us :) (ok I may have overdone it but it is so pretty!)

We also met Paul who works with the sailing club, which they are trying to promote as more of an activity down here:

A couple pictures on the way home:

We spent part of the afternoon hanging out with Shar and Gary, at their super cool house that they have lived in since the 80's. Their stories were incredible...they came down when there was no development and had to drop bags of flour out the plane window, where they wanted to build, and then go back and search for where it landed to know where it was!! Now that is trailblazing! This should be a very productive week for us and we are hoping to be at a very different place by the end of the week and moving forward to moving into the casita :)


  1. I love watching the updates and adventures! Dina just showed me how to post, pretty cool. Cant wait to come visit ! By the way, that truck is boss

    1. Thanks Jeff!! Can't wait to get you guys down here :):) Miss you!