Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rainy Saturday :)

It rained for some of the day today, but we were still able to get some work done. We started the day going to a tool sale in Maya Beach, Dave was able to get one tool he needed, which propelled him through his back pain:). He and Victor powered through the rain and the casita is coming along!
After the work we went for a swim...and Sticks decided to join since the water was so calm. He never likes swimming and is generally scared of things at first, lol, and at one point, much like a cartoon, he looked back at the beach as two brindles were closing in, looked at us in the water, and ran right in the Caribbean and started swimming!! It was pretty adorable and will have to get a pic next time. Here were the brindles (not looking that scary) and the bath aftermath! Hurray for brave chihuahuas lol!

Here is a pretty post rain picture...
Tonight we are going to a restaurant on the beach called The Secret Garden. It looks amazing and the owner was volunteering at the Humane Society when we visited, great person-Sabrina. Here is a pic of the restaurant...we are trying to go to every place we can to make good recommendations!
Dinner ended up being fantastic!! I got the snapper with coconut rice and Asian slaw...delicious!  I haven't had much wine down here and was happy to get a good sauvignon blanc. Service was also flawless with Tracy and Sabrina. :) Highly recommended especially for a romantic really are eating in a private (secret) garden!

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