Thursday, May 15, 2014

Laughing Bird Caye and Palapa Building!

Beth took some great pictures on her tour yesterday. Here are a few good ones, from Laughing Bird Caye.....she said the birds actually DO laugh which is too cute! The diving was a bit cloudy due to the wind picking up but she had a great time :) We are currently waiting on her return from the whale shark dive and can't wait to hear how it goes. She explained that they only can be seen 3x a year, when the moon is full, and we had a FULL bright moon last night :)

Today, we had our Caribbean version of an HGTV show...if we had guests I think they would have checked out and never come back lol--one reason we are waiting to advertise! There were multiple projects going on and the drills and hammers were at full blast. It is exciting to see the casita coming along, and we are building what is called a palapa out front, one that you can sit under and watch the sea....yet to come for the casita....a tiled patio and another porch palapa out front. We are going to paint the zinc (corrogated metal) roof red like the other cabanas, and repaint the wood to match the cabanas. There will be a bar height table with built in stools on the patio with ocean view. After we live there a while, while the owner's house is built, it will become a pretty sweet little rental. It has come a long way!
Palapa progress....they are green when put up then turn into the tan color:

Casita at the beginning of the day.....
 Casita end of the day!
We ended the day with dinner at the Pickled Parrot. Sticks made friends with Mia and

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