Friday, May 2, 2014


After all the fun (too many Belikins and margaritas) last night, I woke up feeling not my best. Between that and Dave's back, we were not the sharpest tools in the box today. We went to set up our Belize bank account, went to the post office, took my computer to get work done, got a smoothie from Brewed Awakenings--omg delicious!! And inexpensive!! We stopped at Wallen's, where they will deliver you two cases of Belikin to your door (!!?? awesome!) and got food from the stands-I am working on perfecting my ability to cook a Chipotle Restaurant tasting burrito--as it one of the things that Dave says he will miss most about the US-lol.

We ran into several people we knew at Wallen's, including Dave from Rotary and our neighbors Tony and Janet. We heard about a tool sale in Maya Beach, which is about 10 miles up the peninsula. Tools are hard to come by and expensive--and we weren't sure how we would lug tools back on our bikes--when we mentioned to Tony and Janet about the sale, they wanted to go and also offered us a ride! Sweet! I never saw myself as a small town type but these kind of interactions are making me rethink that :) We are still on the hunt for a Mahindra truck is what they look is made in India and they don't sell it in the US. Dave has decided that this is his dream car!

We also got word today that we are having our first for sure friend visitor!! Yay!! Beth OKain is coming officially on May 10th :) Beth you are our first guinea pig so prepare yourself lol.

We spent the rest of the day doing clean up and landscaping around the property, and paying bills, and doing all the stuff people do everywhere :) The shoreline still looks great!! Hardly any sea grass!

I think we are going to stay in a relax tonight...and maybe enjoy more thunderstorms!

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