Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First guest visit! Kayaking, pool party, paddle boarding...

Beth came in on Saturday from Cleveland-our first official guest! Also our guinea pig :) We have been "dragging" her around since Saturday and getting her feedback on what other guests might like to do.

We started by getting her some authentic Belize food....under a palm tree :) (complete with Belize dog)

Traditional Belize lunch or dinner...
 We then attempted our first coconut drinks....where you add coconut rum to a fresh cut coconut....they were supposed to look like this:

But the first attempt was a little rough....I didn't know chihuahuas had such a thing for the umbrellas....will keep trying! :)

We spent most of Sunday at the Belize Ocean Club pool party...it was really fun, Dave got to try paddleboarding, and we met a lot of very interesting people! It was a gorgeous day and a great place to spend a Sunday. Highly recommended!!

Monday, we decided to rent kayaks in the afternoon. (and some work done in between!) Dave and I have never kayaked, so we figured Beth, who has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, would be a good person to come with us for our first time :). We had an absolute blast! We paddled out to a tiny little island where we saw a starfish and built a sandcastle...you can rent double kayaks right across the street for $20 a kayak per day at Captain Jak's. It was tiring....especially when you flip the thing three times....there were a LOT of legs and arms in our kayak between Dave and I, and it was not always....in sync....lol.
Beth and Dave after landing on the island!
 Dave and I, recovering from multiple flippings of the kayak....

 Beth, post kayaking, not as tired as Dave and I even though she was by herself lol....
 Here is Lucky from Captain Jak's, and his adorable bird Oscar. Oscar knows songs and can answer the phone!! :)
We went to Tipsy Tuna for Mojito Monday, and surprisingly, had mojitos (gourmet varieties for $5 US!). Also great burrito bowls for $5.50-9 US. Today is Tuesday, and Beth just returned from her first scuba dive with Robert's Grove. She had a great time and is currently meeting new friends at Tutti Frutti for gelato. Funny enough the 2 guys she dove with were the significant others of 2 women who came to Rotary today, from Oklahoma City....small town!

Beth is diving again tomorrow with the whale sharks, and we are going to hit a few other fun places this week including Mariposa, Mojo's, and Yoli's. Beth is going to try to go on the ATM cave tour, which is one of the best experiences in caving you can have in Belize. There are actual human bones from sacrifices and it is an overall outrageous experience. (if you have fear of heights, swimming, or small spaces it may not be for you!) We are also going on Doyle's Cockscomb Tour on Friday. Beth may need a week to relax when she gets home :) !!!

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