Thursday, May 8, 2014

Exactly halfway through our first long stay :)

We are two weeks into the first month's stay today, and we leave to go back to Cleveland for a wedding and to finalize the selling of our house in two more weeks. I asked Dave today if he feels like he lives here yet, and he said not yet, but it won't take much! In another 8 days it will have been the longest I have left home. No homesickness yet--not sure exactly what that is or what it feels like, so maybe I am, lol, but I think I would know it?!

One of the things that is SO enjoyable about down here is the immediate camaraderie you have with other expats, there is an immediate curiosity to know their story. It is an unorthodox choice and it is so interesting to find out why others are doing it lol. Another thing we liked this week was finding out that places in town will deliver you a delicious, big lunch to your door for $5 delivery, sometimes with a drink! I am continuing to play with spices and am getting creative with chicken and rice :)

Last night we met Brian and Donna, two expats from Canada. We had a great time at Robert's Grove, which is a lovely marina and resort not far away (incidentally, our friend Beth is coming on Saturday, from Cleveland. She signed up to do a whale shark dive there next week!) Here is a fun picture of part of the group last night, including Sonia and Chris, who we see pretty frequently:
Here is a picture of Robert's Grove, worth a visit!

Sticks has made a new friend too....he has decided that Marsha is his new Belize She watched him when we left last night because he ran right inside her house and then didn't want to leave! Now every time he sees her outside he sprints across the beach and pounces on her... which would be fine....except he is unaware of the gauntlet of dogs, cats, or birds of prey that might think he is a rabbit!
Tonight we were having a beer outside after a long day....and our new friend Thomas stopped by, followed by Brian shortly the US it can take a long time to make new friends because many people have their circles already. Down here, much like a transient city, everyone we have met has been very warm, open, engaging, and curious to make new friends. It is so charming!!

We had a day of hard work overall. We realized why people say not to use plywood down here....the one piece that was used in the casita had some awesome termites on it. By awesome I mean creatures that look like disgusting aliens. It was really fun breaking up that piece and getting rid of it, spraying down the casita with insecticide....kind of a long morning! Dave is about to get the siding delivered on the casita so we are moving along, and the Luna cabin is all ready for Beth on Saturday! So excited!!
So you can can a visual of what it might be like handling pieces of wood that have this creature on it (note to guests. These creatures and all other grossness will be far, far away when you get here. :) this is why we aren't 100% marketing yet :) )

We already have Beth's week all planned out....she is our guinea pig...yay for fearless people who see a fun opportunity and take it! Beth is going to be scuba diving, as she has done over 200 dives (!)....she is doing the famous blue hole and the whale sharks. We also scheduled to take Doyle's Cockscomb tour which is tubing, hiking, jaguar reserve, and waterfall fun... and we are also going to try to go to the pool party this week! Weather permitting. :)

We are both feeling really good about how things are going. There are so many interesting and challenging things to do every day....and great people to hang out with when you want to.....there isn't time for it all! We were able to find help to care for Sticks and to watch our place while we are gone, which is such great news. That is the kind of help you can't count of finding till you get here, and there is no certainty until you actually do find it. That anxiety has passed now and we are very grateful for it!

We are also very excited to see our friends and family back home :) xo

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