Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday--Officially one week of living here!

Another great start to the day. Dave got right to work this morning with Victor. It is another HOT they are hard at work...
I could hear through the window, Victor teaching Dave how to speak Spanish...what I keep hearing is "muy caliente!!"

As I was using the porch for a little yoga, I caught this sweet picture....and was thinking about how Sticks would like to be in Rex's (we call him that anyway) paws for a freedom, hanging out with his pack, doing whatever he wants (getting dirty!), and maybe Rex would want to be in Stick's paws, always being sheltered and Based on the peaceful and happy demeanor of both dogs I would say they are both feeling ok about it. :) They enjoy their staring contests anyway.
I went for a little bike ride into town for groceries. I am trying to keep track of what I spend to compare it to the US. You can spend a LOT of $ if you buy US brands here, but if you buy basic rice, beans, local spices, cheese, tortillas etc, it seems like your $ goes a long way. Belize (bz) dollars are 2:1 to US dollars. Today I went to a farmer's market and then Ming's Supermarket, and spent about $60 US or $120 bz. Here is what that gets you:
I had to buy more bug spray and coffee, which are more expensive items (about $5.50 US for a huge bottle of bug spray, and about the same for Belize coffee--which is excellent!) So, taking that $11 out means for $49 I also got:
5 roma tomatoes
2 bunches cilantro
2 plantains
1 head lettuce
12 eggs
1 lb ground beef
3 bags beans
5 different spices (also not a normal purchase, but I am experimenting!)
2 big waters
1 liter diet coke (healthy yeah I know :-/)
3 blocks cheese
1 big container yogurt
1 pineapple
1 yam
8 tortillas
12 corn tortillas
1 aloe drink (yum!)
2 green peppers
2 onions
So, would someone mind going to the local Giant Eagle/Kroger's/Shop n Save/whatever, and buy the exact same things, so we can compare??? lol
My best guess is, at least in Cleveland prices, this would have cost me around $90 (if you add in the bug spray and coffee). Yay for saving an imaginary $30!  

In my fun play kitchen tonight I am planning on making tacos with the ground beef, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lettuce, and yogurt for sour cream substitute. Also a salad with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro. Making my own dressing because it is too expensive down here :)

One more fun Placencia thing....there are no addresses here! Our address is Caribbean Beach Cabanas; Placencia Sidewalk; Placencia, Belize, Central America. This is just wild to me! We went over to the Post Office our second visit and met Dyna, who said, now that I know your faces, just come ask me if you have mail (?!?!?!) I love it! The other day I apparently left my bike lock there. Dave stopped in and Dyna gave it to him--she knew it was mine, and I couldn't help but think about how CHARMING this aspect of small village life is. :):):) Here is a fun picture of our post office--you can walk there from our house:
A high point of my day today was chatting with Sarah and Shannon from Cleveland :) Miss them a lot and it was so good to hear their voices :) Anyone who is out of the country should look into kakao talk--a free app that lets you call, text, and send pictures....again....FREE!! And the connection was great today.

Anyway, it was a breezy, cooler, uneventful evening. It looked like rain for most of the day, It sounds like the 3rd week of May starts the night showers, then rainy season. I am very interested in experiencing this rainy season I hear about!!

And one last thing that happened today, we have a guy named Mr. Cal who rakes our beach every week. (If you don't rake, you get sand fleas lol...just don't think too much about that(!)) Anyway...about that sea grass....I was about done with the sea grass, I couldn't win. I had asked Mr. Cal about it, and in ONE HOUR, Mr. Cal got rid of all of it!!! He is magic, or from space, or something!! Anyway now you don't have to walk over sea grass and weird gross stuff to get in the water.....Awesome!! And, I didn't have to do it! Even better :)

Good night! xo

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