Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday Fun!

Dave thinks that Placencia is a bit like a(n) (awesome) Hardy Boys mystery....the rules are different than home, the ways to get things/get things done are different and sometimes even "mysterious", and there are twists and turns about every hour. He lost a worker yesterday and then our neighbor introduced us to a new worker who seems great.  I was running out of books and awesome neighbor, Marsha, lends us some books that I really wanted to read. I realized we had very little to eat, and then Jose shows up selling chicken empanadas and cheese buns....very inexpensively, and I mean where do you get awesome food right in your back yard??
I had a moment today where I thought, yeahhh this doesn't suck. :) I went to get more coffee this morning, and turned around, and saw this:

My makeshift desk....looking out over the sea, with hammocks and beach towels hung on the door, with Sticks enjoying watching the world go by, specifically his puppy friends and Mayans selling baskets and carvings. Now before you accuse me of bragging, add this to the picture-there is little air conditioning down here, and today there is little breeze, so as I sit here it is about 90 degrees with high humidity. It is so weird how you do get used to it though! Real feel was 114 degrees
 This is how 114 degrees feels....couldn't describe it better myself.....

We went to our second Rotary Club meeting in the afternoon... the Rotary Club meets under a palapa at Yoli's, on the water, and everyone looks like they are meeting for lunch on vacation. The last time we went, a guy was there from the Placencia Marathon, and they had raised money to send kids to high school, because without paying tuition they can't go--now THAT is meaningful!! Here are some pictures from the lunch meeting:

We had an awesome afternoon....after Rotary we met up with 2 new friends, Tammy and Bernard, who have an amazing story...they also have a blog about driving around Central America, staying in a tent on top of their SUV!! Check it out here...

Then on the way home, we ran into new friends Sue and Carlos. They let us know about a happy hour at Miraposa...with a POOL...which we will be taking advantage of very soon :)

In random news, someone posted this link that the happiest countries in the world are in Central America...specifically Belize! is refreshing to live in a place that gives itself positive feedback (although that may be shifting in Cleveland!)

I can see why. We got home, and our lovely neighbor Marsha, says, come on up for a Belikin! So we did..and stayed for are the lovely views from her wonderful home....Caribbean Beach Cabanas are to the north, the one with the red roof...and check out that sunset!

We then went home and had out first blackout....but thankfully it only lasted a minute....but it was PITCH BLACK! Thankfully we have no air conditioning to fret about :)

I couldn't post this last night due to my computer acting up. More later! :)

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