Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quiet Sunday :)

Sundays seem to be pretty quiet here, many locals go swimming and have visits but it is overall very relaxed.

Shocking to those who know us, Dave and I turned down an opportunity to go to a pool party at a local resort to instead do manual labor. OK more shocking for me than him, but I spent the morning with a workout on the porch, then I cleaned the windows in the cabana--which is a JOB!! Every shutter is covered with dry salt water. We did some window repairs, landscaping, more beach clean up (I decided 2 garbage bags a day is what I can handle....but there seems to be 10x that much beach grass washing up every hour??), and Dave dug some holes for the new foundation poles. I also sat and scraped old paint splatters from the front porch. How jealous is everyone of my Sunday????

By 3 pm I had done 6 hours of work and was sorry I didn't go to the pool :) Oh and I am in charge of pulling up old roots from a cut down palm tree. More laundry as are a couple pics from the morning, first one is an attempt to show the "fun" bikes we are rolling around town in (yes, that IS a plastic crate secured to the back), as well as the outdoor laundry fun times:
Dave has figured out that some flowers have to be cut to get the plants fuller, so here was our classy substitute for a vase:

We then had a visit from the Belizean/Portugese/Italian artist, Walter, who will come in June to do a mural in the cabanas. He is awesome :) I think everyone will want one of his pieces, he really captures Belize. I also made a quick bike ride into town to get some food for the day; today we ate rice, beans, eggs, pico, and fruit for breakfast, and rice and beans for lunch. I am limited on my cooking choices-- but I am making my first attempt at meat tonight--some chicken tostadas. It was going to be quesadillas, but as I read many times, you cannot get your heart set on anything being available at the grocery store. They have burrito wraps 90% of the time, but tonight, only large flat corn hard shells :) Tostadas it is, yay! We did end up having a beer (ok 2) on the beach and watched the local families swimming. Sticks had a blast as usual. I also caught him kissing one of the female dogs today, he was sticking his head off the side of the porch-gross/cute....?

Dave has a laborer coming tomorrow at 12 to start pouring concrete and they plan to do a full days work. We realized that you have to come to a FIRM agreement about price before labor :) I will be doing more windows and more general clean who is the first to visit with these crazy fun times!!! :):)

A last close up pic before demolition of the casita:
 Here is a pic I caught on the way home from the store, from the back of the property, looking into town--beach and the property would be on the left, this is looking South...
 A gratuitous picture of Sticks having fun on the beach.....Dave put his bottle down for a second and I happened to catch this funny moment.....and how about the chihuahua sized palm tree???
Happy Sunday everyone!! xo

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