Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pretty Awesome Third Full Day!

Today was our third full day here. Already a ton of things have happened, most notably--our last guest with the old owners checked out, leaving us the three units to get totally up and ready. We reorganized and cleaned the unit we are in, Sol (the one on the left in the pic below), and Dave is getting ready to tear apart the "casita" and make it into our temporary house while we build a larger owner's home in the back. It will be about 400 square feet...:)...however right now I am living in 300 square feet so I won't know what to do with all that space. Here is a picture of the casita (the little green one in the back), the old owners were using it as a storage shed:
Some other random funny things--I got stung by a jellyfish, as I was actually talking about how I was glad we had vinegar and benadryl in case we got stung :(. It was crummy but now I am less concerned as it lasted about an hour and wasn't that big a deal.

Dave has made a couple connections with local guys who want work, and they dragged in a bunch of cement tonight. We also had the houses sprayed for bugs because wow....there is a HUGE difference between the bugs in Ohio and the bugs here. :) You can't leave a crumb (or dog bone, or retainer, or pretty much anything) without the ants finding it. Oh, and there is a pack of dogs (very sweet) that are obsessed with Dave, and God knows what kind of fleas they are carrying....on the agenda tomorrow is putting flea meds on all the strays that hang out here. Brought the latex gloves for that fun task :)

We visited the Placencia Humane Society today and we will be volunteering... wonderful group of people! I will be adding a link to our website as if you are visiting, ANY pet supplies you can donate is very appreciated. They do a lot of hard work in difficult circumstances down here.

Dave has started ordering the wood and supplies for the project which will be great. I spent time cleaning the beach today....there is an amazing amount of sea grass (and plastic bits) that wash up on shore daily. There are properties here that have a flawless shoreline, I don't know how they do it. We should start a contest to keep me motivated and I think it might be a full time job :-/.

We also met an incredibly good artist today who makes the most wonderful oil paintings...hoping to have him do some special touches on the cabanas. We had a great dinner last night with Chris, our real estate agent, his girlfriend Sonja (One of only two architects on the peninsula!) and had a great time with Pam and John, the owners.

We are learning how to do laundry by hanging it outside....such a learning curve! We are getting used to taking two rusty old bikes out for errands, no car yet,  and I am learning how to cook in a kitchen that feels kind of like a play kitchen from when I was younger :) I went from this kitchen in Lakewood, Ohio:
To this! Yep that is ALL of it :)

Can't beat the view....but having one pot, a foot of counter space, a tiny fridge, etc is a challenge :) But finding the food at the farmer's markets, buying what you need for just that day, eating everything fresh and simple, and looking at the Caribbean while you eat is something that will take a while to get sick of!

Here is one of my favorite pictures thus far of Sticks, our chihuahua--the pack of dogs are all very sweet and respectful of him...and weirdly they seem intimidated! They shy away from him which is just the funniest thing...
You can bring your dog pretty much anywhere....I took him on a long bike ride, to the grocery store, to the bar last night, he loves it. He is winning everyone over and really loves it down here. He has adapted this crazy chihuahua grin that he NEVER did in the cold!

OK enough for now! Good night!


  1. Love you guys. Sounds like fun. Reminds me of the medical relief missions I spent in Guatemala right around the corner. Enjoy... Live life...

  2. Great to read about your new life! Keep posting. It sounds exciting!

    1. Thanks Kristie:) hope you guys can make it down!!!

  3. Love it!!! Living vicariously! Love that sticks grin!!! Too much :)
    Patty Parker

  4. What an awesome adventure! I wish only the very very best to both of you and of course the little guy too. :)

    1. He is the star of the show down here :) :) Thanks Carol :) xo from Sticks!

  5. I had no idea you guys were/are doing this and am so impressed by your enormous cahones!!!! Love this so so much and can't wait to read more. What an inspiration!