Monday, September 30, 2019

Scenes from the new Placencia Beach Club (formerly Fusion)!!

Shane and Heather recently opened the Placencia Beach Club - and can't say it enough, they did it perfectly!! The old club that was there, Fusion, was only a few years old, and they took the bones of it (and it was just starting to really show signs of neglect, we are so grateful for many reasons that Shane and Heather saved it!) Fusion was great, but Shane and Heather took the good parts and made it absolutely comfortable, sleek, and perfect. The food and drinks were great, the chairs were super comfortable, and the overall vibe and ambiance make it a can't miss.
Placencia Beach Club is just north of the village; you cut off a lot of time if you are able to walk the beach there, it is a super pleasant and short walk. Here are some images to get you excited!! It is a short walk from CBC and several of our guests and us, had a blast Saturday afternoon. It is generally 13 and up, with two times a week where there is a family swim.

Great food..... here is their menu...
And here is what we order, the tacos, poutine, taco and lobster pups.....

Here are the grounds...

And inside the restaurant area...

Amazing job, so far feedback has been totally positive, our guests have loved it!!!

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