Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We've been busy at CBC, and the secret is out, we opened our 2nd hotel in Belize!

Although the staff at CBC have known about the new hotel for about 2 months now, we were only able to start talking about it in the last two weeks!! What a crazy 4 weeks it has been!!

The old Casitas Tres Cocos, about a mile north of the bridge, was a gorgeous, boutique hotel built with an amazing aesthetic eye....I remember the first time I saw it in early 2017, I was in awe and I had a bit of FOMO wanting to stay there! They had a super fun, cozy-but-yet-sexy swim up bar, and it all just had the right "feel" to it - that feeling that everything is just right, very comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

We were so fortunate it came on the market, and when we realized - hey, this place has the same feel as CBC, what an amazing sister resort this could be! We put a bid in, and wow, it all worked out!!!

So now we all had to shut our traps and act like everything was normal....even though our team started to be spotted an awful lot on the island...and hmm......Carlos seemed to be missing in Placencia for a while? (we stole him for PUR for a while :))  It is a small country and word got out, and now we can finally shout about our excitement. In a 3 week span, we all descended onto the island, closed on the hotel, rebranded, worked with staff, redid a bunch of aesthetics - mainly making it more earth colors, less bright colors, so it would match our look at CBC. We changed the restaurant into a Taco Bar, and started to recruit our first guests. :)
About 2 weeks ago we finally put our sign out on the road! And then the secret really was out that we were reopening Casitas Tres Cocos as PUR Boutique Cabanas. We have been working our tails off ever since and loving EVERY minute! CBC does not have the bar/restaurant right on site, as we are walking distance to all the great ones in the village. We used our same customer service passion (obsession?) to make the Taco Bar a fun, high energy, good-vibe place - so far - it is AWESOME!

We welcomed our first great guests on April 5th and we are going on a week being open. We are learning a ton every day - and so grateful to the local community for welcoming us so warmly. We had a super fun soft opening party where we got to cut our teeth on our local friends, and have been making needed tweaks each day to improve the experience. We are trying hard to serve the residents on the island, as well as our guests, and to do our part to use as little plastic as possible. We are building great relationships within the community and with our staff, and we can't wait to continue to contribute positively to our little corners of Belize!

We are hoping to appeal to guests who want to experience both Placencia and Ambergris Caye with us - and we offer a discount to those who want to try both places. The new PUR Boutique Cabanas is a lively, fun, social place, where you can definitely find tranquility in our gorgeous rooms, hammocks, the beach walk out back, or at the pool - or find fun and new friends at the bar round the clock (until a reasonable hour of course!)

We are still working on our website and online presence. Right now you can book our rooms by emailing us at or, or going to You can also follow us on Facebook HERE. We hope within about a month to have everything just right ;). Oh did I mention the super low rates through most of the summer?

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