Saturday, February 10, 2018

After a rainy January - the colors are amazing in Belize!

For those guests who booked their vacations in January in Belize - yikes!! It was the worst weather in January that most people said they had ever seen. It rained pretty much everyday for around 4-5 weeks, and although there were some sunny days, and breaks from the rain, it was WET and annoying!! At CBC, we had the most amazing guests who were great sports and found ways to make the best of it. It seems that it is over now - fingers crossed! For guests coming now (sorry past guests!!!:( ) they are treated to super lush growth everywhere, this is supposed to be a dry time of year and the foliage is loving it!!

So here was the scene for most of January :(
Still pretty - and the weird thing was, the way the currents were, we had the MOST gorgeous water for January - so that was a positive!

Here are some examples of the lushness you'll find throughout the village right now...

Here are some other random pictures from January - we are set to close lobster season soon to (whaaaa!) and soon to come is the Placencia Art Festival!
 You can still get a ton of great seafood options, no worries!
 Wood carvers like Leo are a huge part of the sidewalk fun at the festival
 Local characters like Marlon the Coconut Man are sure to be found at the festival...
 This area will be the heart of the festival, right by Tipsy Tuna!
So word is, the weather has dried up, but we are getting a lil bit of Sargassum coming in. Belize is not for the fussy - it can be a place where you have to roll with mother nature, and it is not always predictable - but there are ALWAYS ways to have an extremely memorable and beautiful vacation!


  1. Great write up and photos, really makes me want to attend the festival!! We are going to be there next February, do you happen to know when the dates for the 2019 Arts fest will be published?

  2. Thanks Amy, the dates for next year should be up in the next couple months or so!!