Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 Placencia Arts Fest Pics, another great year!

The Arts Fest was another success in 2018! The best way to describe the Art Fest short of being there is to check out some pictures from this year...
Handmade local art and signs

 Booths full of local artisans

 When you come to Belize, do your self a favor and have a do-it-yourself wine tasting with local wines - totally unique!
 Garifuna drumming is a huge part of the culture here.
 Mayan baskets - you will see these everywhere
 Whether this says "meat tacos" or "me at tacos", it works
 Local carvings
 Mayan jewelry
 Garifuna drummer
 Local treats
 This festival is a huge draw, always packed!
 CBC was thrilled to be a sponsor, this is a very community-supported event
 2018 shirt
 One of the highlights is always the music
 Local artists were able to be commemorated on Belikin bottles!
 Walter, one of the local artists featured (with CBC's Sue and Carlos!)

The Arts Fest is always in February and is a great excuse to book your trip next year!!

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