Saturday, October 28, 2017

Placencia takes 2017 Best Restaurant and Small Accommodation of the Year at the Belize Tourism Board Awards!!

CBC is still recovering from our excitement last weekend at the 15th annual Belize Tourism Board's, annual tourism awards - we were thrilled and honored to win Small Accommodation of the Year! The BTB Awards were unbelievably well done - professional, with fantastic food, emcees, and entertainment.

There are several categories in many areas of tourism (see below for all the winners!) We sat at a table with the other wonderful Placencia nominees, including Pam and John of Rumfish, who won Restaurant of the Year! And Lyra from Taste Belize, who was nominated for Tour of the Year (she will get it next year!!!) We had a blast and we represented Placencia (loudly &) well - coming home with Best Restaurant and Best Small Hotel in the country!!

Here are some fun images and videos from the night....

Restaurant of the Year was is Rumfish y Vino's big win!!
Here's a link to watch Rumfish's great interview that led to their win - on their 10th anniversary year!!!
Rumfish's team after the win....
Here are Laura and Dave about 5 minutes before the announcement.....yes our stomachs were in knots.
Here is the video of the win!!
Here is the CBC interview that occurred a couple weeks before the ceremony...this played at the ceremony over the din of our screaming.
Here are some other pictures from the night, we will never forget it!!!

Sue, exhausted from the excitement...gotta love Belize, along with the trophy we got an oversized Belikin bottle and a bottle of rum, which are now on display at both Rumfish and CBC!
Here's the logo that we will never get tired of seeing :)
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners...
Hotel of the Year: Grand Caribe
Tour Operator of the Year: Toledo Cave and Adventure Tours
Tour Guide of the Year: Estevan Choco
Hospitality of the Year: Ian Anderson's Cave Branch
Frontline of the Year: Leroy Welch
Minister Award: Philip Leslie
Lifetime Achievement Award: Mick and Lucy Fleming
Watch all the winners here!

Thanks to BTB for a night that meant so much to all of us; we will never forget it. And THANKS to all our guests, whose reviews and choice of CBC and Rumfish were a big part of why we both won!


  1. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to CBC (and Rumfish)!!! The win video brought tears to my eyes (I'm such a nerd). LOL