Friday, July 14, 2017

What low season? Belize breaks records, Lobsterfest, & the newest pics around the village!

No surprise to read THIS article - Belize has broken its overnight tourism records - smashed them in fact! In April the overnight percentage went up 24% compared to last year!!!!!

You can tell in the village, the energy and buzz is much higher than in past years during low season - mid July feels more like late November as far as the people. It is still NOT crowded - you can go into any restaurant and not have a wait, and you can have the beach to yourself most days, which is one of the draws of this village (paradise without overcrowding!). But, the amount of tourists in the village can be seen in far more filled up seats at the bars and restaurants.

The village recently enjoyed Lobsterfest, so lobster is back on the menus, yay! Here is a montage of village images from the last couple weeks - even if you are enjoying your own summer across North America, the exotic and rustic look of this place can make you want to come back...

Gotta get a pic with the lobster.....
Get your face in this board....
CBC's own Carlos Vasquez won the Amateur Rum Punch Contest with his "famous" racecar rum punch!!!

Lobster pizza, lobster rolls, lobster omelettes, lobster bisque, lobster fritters.....
Here are some images on Main Street from the last week....
Love the Central American-style grocery never know what you will find!
Pretty painted fences down Main Street...
 Street art can be found throughout the village
 Charming, tranquil, exotic are some of the words that come to mind, everywhere you look

 Belizean "fast food" - love her burritos!

 Bicycles are a sight you will see everywhere throughout the village, always a pretty picture:)
 A visit to Pickled Parrot is a high point of a vacation here!
 The newest restaurant in the village - The Vineyard!
 And everyone's old favorite.....Rumfish :) (never get sick of seeing this in new pictures!)
 One of my favorite souvenir shops!
 More cute storefronts
 Reclaimed nautical signs :)
 Local favorite Dawn's grill
 Secret Garden is hidden behind this rustic wood building...
 Pretty shops tucked off to the side of Main Street

 Great Asian soup and stir fry here, with great people watching!
 Never get sick of these tropical colors!

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  1. Oh! this lobsterfest seems to be great. The pictures can describe what happened in the fest. Thanks for sharing this post with us. It was really good.