Monday, April 10, 2017

Part II: Updated pics of the Cabanas and Villas!!!

Part II: We were very fortunate that wonderful photographer Duarte Dellarole,, was in town, so we decided to get some updated images of CBC! As our past guests know.....:).....we are always making small changes and upgrades, so it will always look new, fresh, and different for your next visit (we make sure it is always in the best of ways, to improve your experience!)
We are thrilled with how they turned out. If you are on your way down, here is some eye candy to get you excited for your trip!!
Everyone's favorites....the original Sol and Luna Cabanas, closest to the sea - true Belize-style cabanas!

Our newest and most modern Villas! Rooftop decks, fresh and modern, Mexican-style villas...

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  1. Oh my God these pictures are amazing. Each and every detail of villa is very well shown with the help of pictures. Seems like luxury places. Everyone must visit it for sure.