Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Placencia Arts Fest 2017!! Tons of pictures that will make you want to join us next year!

The Placencia Arts Festival gets bigger and more fun every year!! It is part festival, part local art, and always a really fun day of walking around. This year, Naia Resort added a really nice event for fundraising, where local artists were honored and there was a silent auction of their amazing work. Sunday also was crazy busy in the village....if you missed Barefoot Bar Sunday night, sorry to say you missed an amazing night!! See our pictures for a snapshot :)
Saturday afternoon in the heart of the village...

If you wanted a Mayan basket, you were in luck.
 Tons of tropical oil paintings...
 Amazing jewelry everywhere!

 Always friendly, fun locals :)
 Great place for local, Mayan, and Garifuna where else has this mix!

 One of my favorites....steel and Garifuna drumming!!!

 Oh by the way, this was the view by the pier that day.....the winds finally died down and it was picture perfect!
 Naia resort auction later that night...

And here was Barefoot Bar Sunday! It maaay have been followed by some karaoke at J Dee's...

Amazing!! Next up....Easter Weekend....then....Lobsterfest!!

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