Thursday, January 5, 2017

Improve your mood immediately by looking at these Placencia, Belize beach bars!!

OK, that title is not totally backed by science, but we hope you enjoy these images from Barefoot Bar and Tipsy Tuna - our guests RAVE about the food and atmosphere at these two....they are the template for all beach bars!
This is the (famous Placencia) sidewalk in between CBC and Barefoot :)
This is the totally charming entrance from the sidewalk, heading to the beach at Barefoot Beach Bar...
Getting closer!
Tipsy Tuna has an equally adorable entrance! Just try not to get a picture of one of their many kitschy signs...

Inside of Tipsy their opening, before the lunch and happy hour crowds roll in!
The seating on the beach at Barefoot Bar...have your pick of tropical colors
 THIS VIEW....they share the beach seaside.
Looking down the beach the other way...
The view of Barefoot, standing on the shore
Inside Barefoot
Hopefully you are on your way here soon! If not, and you are looking at snow outside, then take advantage of the recent slew of discounted plane tickets to Belize, and get here!!

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