Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The start of high season in Placencia, Belize is an exciting time of year!! Here's some new can't miss ideas...

If you follow our Facebook page, you'll see all the new and exciting things to look forward to for this upcoming high season! If you visited in October, you may have seen/heard all the painting and updating many businesses do right before reopening in November. Below is some new information and images of what is new for this upcoming season!

CanAm Health and Wellness: Healthy food and classes....
From their new Facebook page:CanAm Health and Wellness was created to help assist our clients explore a different way of health and lifestyle. As coaches we share our knowledge of primal foods and movement. One way we have decided to share this is through our CanAm Cafe. We recently opened up the doors to this new venture. We currently are offering baked goods(all gluten-free) coffee drinks , fresh brewed chai tea, green smoothies and fruit smoothies. Coming as soon as this week, we will offer a 3 course breakfast. We prepare foods in an alternative way using locally sourced products, whole foods, gluten-free and organic/pasture raised. This breakfast offering will be available on select days. Please follow us on Facebook and we will share our menu and days available. The menu will be set for each day with fresh juice and coffee included. Lucky decisions to make! Have a seat, relax and let us serve you.

Here for Thanksgiving? Check out this locally famous spot to try a Belize Thanksgiving dinner!Back by popular demand Cliff's delicious finga licking turkey dinner sale Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 23rd at Nite Wind Tours next to the old shell service station.Super moist oven baked turkey served with coconut rice and beans,real Belizean Christmas ham,potato salad,homemade stuffings and gravy and cranberry sauce.Price $15.00bz per plate.Place your orders here or call Ms. D at 660-6333.
From their Facebook page...
Paint and Sip at Lost Reef!
Paint & Sip Classes @ Lost Reef Resort as well as Artwork for sale by Eddie Guerra
We are blessed to have "Eddie the Artist" Eddie Guerra come teach for a sip an Paint! ....Classes will be held on the sea side under the shade of palms in natural light. Class sizes will be limited to 8 people...We will do one class at 11:30, and another at 3:00. We will supply the following: paint, easel, brushes, one yummy adult beverage, and a 2 hour tutorial lesson with this amazing artist! Located in Riversdale approximately 5 miles north of Maya Beach. Classes are already filling up, so please contact Molly Morton directly to secure your spot and take home an original piece made by the one and only YOU!!! Molly Morton 668-5053
From their Facebook page...
This Sunday - local culture at Tipsy Tuna!
From their Facebook page...
Also at Tipsy Tuna - check out this weekly volleyball tournament with prizes!
From their Facebook page...
New frozen yogurt place in town.....Deja Moo (how cute is that!)
From their Facebook page...

New wine shop at Los Porticos - The Wine House opened a branch here in Placencia!
From their Facebook page...
Check out this new cafe located right across the sidewalk from Tipsy Tuna!! Afrodite Cafe -
Afrodite is a unique sidewalk cafe open from 7 am 'til midnight, featuring fresh baked goods, juice bar, salads, pizza, ceviche, Lick Me, full bar and more in a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere. We deliver.

From Taste Belize - Nominated for Tour Operator of the Year by the Belize Tourism Board...
From their Facebook page...
Get your very own Taste Belize T-shirt at our new storefront between Omars Creole Grub & Dragonfly Moon, main street, Placencia Village. Only 4 "Meet the Chocolate Gods" shirts left, get yours before they are gone! "Taste The Adventure, Taste Belize" shirts available in ladies & regular cut. Not to mention all the wine, chocolate, cheese and spices at Ms. Goodies, Barebones Tours and Taste Belize Tours joint location! Open 830-noon and 2PM-530PM Tuesday to Saturday.

New Yoga Schedule for high season!

Does this seem like a lot of new stuff for this little village? I think so, and it keeps things fresh for all the return guests that come here! I seem to have to update this new stuff every few months or so - if you missed any of these posts, you can check out other recent new stuff at the following!!
Click here to see new more new places and what's reopening for high season....
Some can't miss new places here
What you can't miss every night here.
Our recommended itinerary here!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Walk through all the new and improved touches at CBC! Stunning, tropical, exotic scenes....

Many of the resorts in Belize, big and small, have to shut down for a few weeks a year to do some touch ups. The salt air is really hard on paint, mechanicals, etc, and we don't want our guests' experiences to be disrupted by this maintenance. We also closely listen to what our guests tell us that they love, and ideas that they have, and we try to make small improvements any chance we get! Here are this year's improvements, and the first couple weeks we have reopened have been a great success!

The entrance is more soothing, more natural, and now has a huge shaded palapa and reception area! The new office and reception area were our biggest changes this year. 
We are just thrilled with the new office. The lights, art, and seating set a very exotic, natural, and comfortable experience as guests arrive. The cold towel and complimentary drink doesn't hurt either...
Festive lights and a light breeze from above...
Exotic seating area for guests checking in, or waiting for their excursions...
Our new office! On site concierge, and a central place for guests to find us.
Inside the office, cold water, a/c, and friendly faces!
The reception area from behind as you enter CBC...
We made a lot of small landscaping changes, new palapa trim on the Casa, and fresh paint to make the entrance as soothing as possible
New Casa area
Many new exotic plant touches will enhance your experience as you walk through
Sidewalk refacing will be noticed throughout
View from Villa Mar second floor terrace
New second table under the pool! Plenty of seating for all
The Casita has received special attention recently, new couch, pillows....
New lights, stools....
Walking up to Sol veranda....Sol received new indoor lights and new paint
New sidewalk and refreshed landscaping
Sol from the front
The art has all been refreshed, and re-placed, to be even more enjoyable
New game area! All the games are now in one place, and you can go play Cornhole right on the beachfront!
Looking back from the beach
Luna also received paint and lights

Relax in the new hammock or the old favorite, the palapa table!
Close up of hammock
Refreshed art
View from La Hacienda
Closeup of new pool coping
The Hacienda tower got a paint refresh
We have even more wonderful changes and surprises in store for future guests! We have a new logo, and our new logo gear is coming in shortly. We have so many repeat guests and we want each experience to be even better than the last! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Placencia takes 2017 Best Restaurant and Small Accommodation of the Year at the Belize Tourism Board Awards!!

CBC is still recovering from our excitement last weekend at the 15th annual Belize Tourism Board's, annual tourism awards - we were thrilled and honored to win Small Accommodation of the Year! The BTB Awards were unbelievably well done - professional, with fantastic food, emcees, and entertainment.

There are several categories in many areas of tourism (see below for all the winners!) We sat at a table with the other wonderful Placencia nominees, including Pam and John of Rumfish, who won Restaurant of the Year! And Lyra from Taste Belize, who was nominated for Tour of the Year (she will get it next year!!!) We had a blast and we represented Placencia (loudly &) well - coming home with Best Restaurant and Best Small Hotel in the country!!

Here are some fun images and videos from the night....

Restaurant of the Year was is Rumfish y Vino's big win!!
Here's a link to watch Rumfish's great interview that led to their win - on their 10th anniversary year!!!
Rumfish's team after the win....
Here are Laura and Dave about 5 minutes before the announcement.....yes our stomachs were in knots.
Here is the video of the win!!
Here is the CBC interview that occurred a couple weeks before the ceremony...this played at the ceremony over the din of our screaming.
Here are some other pictures from the night, we will never forget it!!!

Sue, exhausted from the excitement...gotta love Belize, along with the trophy we got an oversized Belikin bottle and a bottle of rum, which are now on display at both Rumfish and CBC!
Here's the logo that we will never get tired of seeing :)
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners...
Hotel of the Year: Grand Caribe
Tour Operator of the Year: Toledo Cave and Adventure Tours
Tour Guide of the Year: Estevan Choco
Hospitality of the Year: Ian Anderson's Cave Branch
Frontline of the Year: Leroy Welch
Minister Award: Philip Leslie
Lifetime Achievement Award: Mick and Lucy Fleming
Watch all the winners here!

Thanks to BTB for a night that meant so much to all of us; we will never forget it. And THANKS to all our guests, whose reviews and choice of CBC and Rumfish were a big part of why we both won!

Friday, October 13, 2017

2 super cheap, easy staples to make while you are in Belize!

I have these two things in my fridge constantly, and they are so cheap and easy. You can always find the ingredients, and even if you are here only for a few days or a week, it is nice to have some simple food in your fridge so you don't have to run out to eat every time.

If you go to any chicken, rice, and beans stand - you will often see a jar that has (delicious) onions and jalapeno/peppers chopped up and mixed together, that you can put on top of your food. It is SO good. I put it on everything - for example, if you were just here a few days on vacation but wanted simple snacks in your room, you could put this on eggs, nacho chips, or roll a tortilla and cheese with this (see below). It makes everything taste amazing.
Here's a pic from the actual jar I just pulled out of my fridge :) - made with red onions which turns them pinkish...
Here is the best way I've found to make it:

"Pickled" onions, Belize food stand-style
2 onions - white or red, or a combination
4 habaneros - I like it hot, but use less if you don't!
2 cups white vinegar
2 cups water
salt to taste
sugar or Splenda to taste

Cut up the veggies to the size you like, and throw them in a saucepan with the liquids - bring to a boil, then lower heat for several minutes until the onions are a bit soft. Add sweetener to taste when it cools down, then put in a jar or container and put in the fridge. It lasts over a week. You can find habaneros at farmer's market stands.

My Favorite Salsa
tomatoes - about 5-6 Roma
onions - 1-2, any combination of red or white
cilantro - one bunch (about a small handful)
small can of jalapenos - find at any local grocery store (or you could use 1-2 fresh)
juice from one lime

Coarsely chop and throw all this in a blender. That's my favorite and most easy way to make this, but you can also chop it all up if you don't have a blender.

FYI These are my favorite chips you can buy here.....


So with these two recipes, you can throw together so much easy, cheap, and fun food - get some tortilla chips, eggs, cheese, tortillas, (maybe some butter and Marie Sharps hot sauce!) and the ingredients above, and this is going to make you very happy - and you can always find these ingredients here. Here are a few of these ingredients that I just pulled from my fridge -

And here are some amazing combinations with those ingredients:

Same and above but put in a tortilla
Same as first line but put over tortilla chips
Tortilla+cheese+salsa for dipping (saute in butter or just put in the microwave)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

What's new/what's closed for low season in Placencia, Belize??

Things change a lot in Belize - there are many, many businesses here that stay open and can be relied on year after year, and then there are others that shut down for low season, or shut down and sometimes we don't know why! Placencia as a village runs on Facebook, so a lot of people get their information from different Facebook groups. Unless you are a frequent visitor, it is very hard to keep up with changes, so here are some updates you may have missed!

Casino reopened - The Placencia Casino up in the northern part of the peninsula has reopened, HERE is their Facebook page - always smart to check here to make sure they are open the night you want to go. Sometimes they have shuttles from the village as well.

Placencia Yoga - new hours (from a Facebook post!)
"Ms. Pam's back and happy to offer you Core Yoga & Stretching for all levels at the Wild Orchid on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at 10am for only $10BZ. Happy to share my 20 years of teaching experience from the USA. Check out my FB pages for more information (see below)"

Citrus Sensations pizza - Just sayin' - our guests have been raving that their pizza is amazing, so it is worth checking out. Especially since Cha Chi's pizza is recently closed and is said to reopen 11/1.  (For your low season pizza fix, try above! There is also wonderful pizza at the Galley - and they deliver! - or Sundays 2 for 1 at Turtle Inn for pizza!)

People are raving about The Burger Joint, right in the village!

This is a new activity/excursion - at least, I haven't seen it before and it looks really unique!
Garifuna Drumming Lessons....
#SplashDiveCenter ... #CulturalTourism is amazing ... join Kevin from "The Light of Seine Bight Drumming School" - "Legemeri Seinbedi Drumming School" ... Daily Garifuna drumming lessons, dance ,cooking lessons and group performance ... For more information call 610-0235 ... #GarifunaCulture #LearnToPlayTheDrums #SeineBight #Seinbedi #Belize

Oh, it's football season....and that is fun around here. Nothing like watching football in 100+ degree heat index!
Sunday at Yoli's Bar. NFL Football on two TV's and  lunch specials.
Yoli's Bar is on the beach by the Paradise Resort Hotel

Trivia is really hot here, a couple new spots to play!
Saturday afternoon trivia. Starts at 3pm at Yoli's Bar.
Tuesday's at 6, The Flying Pig......

Flea Market shopping
There has been a gradual increase in the number of shopping stalls in the village, in the public space behind the ReMax bus station. It is kind of a flea market, you never know what you will find, but sometimes there are really inexpensive and fun treasures!

General Yoga Info
Check HERE for the latest schedules.....they change frequently and there are always special yoga events.

Mistletoe Ball date announced...
Here is a highly anticipated event every year!
Check HERE for more info.

What's closed right now?
If you are headed here - just some FYI things that are temporarily closed....and keep in mind, there is PLENTY to do here in low season! Our guests never run out of things to do here, and you could never get everything done in a week or more anyway!

Cozy Corner - reopening at least by Oct 7th, check this out!
Its That Time Of The Year Again! Cozy Corner 41st Anniversary Party!!! Bring Out Your Family & Friends And Have Fun!!!
Beach Party @ 12pm-6pm
Dance Party @ 9pm-3am
Tutti Frutti  - this lovely couple goes back to Italy and brings ingredients back, for the best gelato ever....they will reopen sometime in October!
Detatch - reopens sometime in October or November
Naia - Reopens October 16th
Maya Beach Bistro  - reopens October 5th
Dawn's Grill - reopens October 16th
Wendy's Creole Grill - Will be closed from October 8th - reopening October 23rd
La Dulce Vida - closes 10/1 and reopens first week of November
Cha Chi's Pizza - see above for link  - (and new kareoke!) will reopen 11/1.
The Shak - will close October 4th-17th
Guests often ask about Tranquilo or Fusion - at this time, both are still closed, we will keep you posted!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Belize Independence Day in Placencia, 2017!!!

What a fun day...many people said this was the biggest and best parade ever! Our guests had a blast tailgating at the parade, and then some followed the party down to the pier later at night. Here is a sampling of pictures from the day to give you an idea of what to expect, it is a very fun time to have a vacation here!

 Our guests tailgating during the parade!!
 Even CBC mascot Sticks was in on the fun
 These little guys were awesome...two miles of drills!
 Awesome floats

 Heading to the pier
 Beautiful costumes everywhere!
 Pretty much everyone was dancing, you couldn't help it!
 At the end of the 2 mile drill!!

Be here next September 21st!!!!