Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On your way to Placencia, Belize for vacation? Here are some gorgeous images from around the village!

Get more excited for your vacation (or take a break from looking at snow) by checking out some of our images below, these are mostly taken from Main Street, starting at the pier walking north...
Thank you Breeanna!! http://www.breeannakayphotography.com
The pier...the most southern tip of the peninsula...some really cute shops and great people watching!
 On the right is Above Grounds coffee house, a great second floor balcony to people watch. You'll feel like you are in a treehouse.
 Mojo, another great second floor people-watching fun time.....Fridays they have a great Happy Hour 5-6:30...often there is live music on the balcony
 One of the farmer's markets in town, the produce is sold at these stands - not the grocery stores
 A Placencia favorite...the second floor balcony at Rumfish
 Another farmer stand
 Omar's - great place for local food, or they will cook your fish for you!
 There are several great spa/massage places you'll see all through town!
It is always fun to see the random vehicles that you don't see in the US or Canada - driving around town in a golf cart, Indian/Chinese trucks, and Scooby Doo looking vans! 
 Tutti Frutti....everyone's favorite stop
 Main Street will give you a feel for a Central American village, whereas the sidewalk makes you feel like you are on the perfect Caribbean vacation...

More to come! :)

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  1. We started off in the downstairs pub area and then moved to the upper level, many tables were already reserved at San Francisco venues but we commandeered some sitting space in front of a fireplace that was just the right size for our group of happy campers.