Monday, September 5, 2016

Beautiful Belize scenery...and ugly construction pics!!! :)

I was thankful last weekend to get a last minute invite to join some friends on a boat trip to Ranguana and Silk of the great joys of living here - it isn't long before you get these invites from new friends, as so many have access to boats!

We had heard that there was perhaps some damage to Silk Caye from Hurricane Earl, so we were all anxious to see it, as this is a HUGE draw for guests here. was absolute paradise. We had a laugh as the word "paradise" tends to be overused here.....but, check out the pics below....if this isn't paradise than I truly do not know what is, we all agreed that this is it!

Also, if you want to take these excursions while you are here - Silk Caye is very easy. From about $75-115us you can go with almost any tour operator. There are booths all throughout the village and this couldn't be easier to set up. The higher end prices would be if you went through Splash, where you can go out there on a bigger boat (in rough waves this can be a lot more pleasant.) Ranguana Caye - contact these guys:
They will pick you up in the village and take you for a day on a private island adventure, with kayaking, a beach bar, and one of the prettiest places you will ever see :)
The scenery on the way out, from the boat:

Pulling up to Silk Caye...
Lunch at the best spot (in the universe)
A very famous photo op on Silk Caye...

Pulling up to Ranguana Caye....

This bird will sit on your hand.
If you want more, do a search on facebook or Instagram for #placencia, #silkcaye, or #ranguanacaye.....this will get you even more excited :) Oh, and we saw dolphins, and swam (kind of close) with them (and also about 3 dozen sharks at Silk Caye!)....
And finally, here are some lovely sunrise pics from our own CBC....the wind really settled down this week and we had some spectacular sunrises this week.
OK after all that paradise, back to reality.....we broke ground on the new pool this week! The guys are working so hard and we are AHEAD of schedule (said no one building in Belize, ever!) The rain has held off so that has really helped...fingers crossed it stays this way :) It looks ugly now, but it is coming together even better than we hoped!! pool on the left and the Villa foundations on the right!!!
 A total and complete mess!!!
Poor Sol!! I promise it won't look this way for long :) Sol and Luna Cabanas are getting brand new baths, new tile throughout, new paint inside and out, a general overhaul of the little details, like new curtain rods, new appliances, all new kitchenware, new cabinet shelves, new exterior doors, removing some of those old bars from the windows, new roofs, new cushions, and more!!
 Luna isn't looking any prettier. 
We will keep the updates coming and can't wait to reopen!!

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  1. Beautiful Blog Laura!! looking foward to hear and read more of you cool adventures !!!! much love to you <3