Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Placencia vacation through the eyes of other guests this week....since we don't don't have any right now!!

We are missing our guests here!! If you are looking forward to your trip here, I always suggest to search Instagram and Facebook for #placencia image tags, because you can see what people are doing each day around the peninsula. I do this all the time to see what others are seeing....and thought I might put together a little photo shoot of what guests are seeing and doing around here! (these are some latest Instagram photos!)

The flight into the village from Caitlin Furio....
Some great beach shots from Lucy Brown...

And another from Lucy Brown, of a typical scene in the village of the supermarkets here.....
Fusion Beach pool, from Donnie Tejani, who just moved here with his awesome family!
A typical Belize lunch of stewed pork from Sunny Mui...
Love this shot of one of the last few remaining beach lots near the village, just a couple properties North of Brienne Gabathuler
Silk Caye from underneath! by Thetwoweektraveler
Beautiful sunrise by Jimmie Walker...
Typical beach scene, seen all over the village, by Danni Coyote
A very popular shot/spot at Tipsy Tuna's Terrifictina11
And another by Donnie Tejani, of the typical walk to the planes you do here at the airports :)
And finally, an updated shot from 2 weeks in on our construction - it is still going faster than expected and we are thrilled to see the pool (left) and the villas (right) taking shape!

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