Saturday, February 20, 2016

Top 10 favorite high season pictures - and tune in this Sunday, 2/21 for Beachfront Bargain Hunt, featuring CBC!

High season has been wonderful.....some rain, but clear blue water and plenty of sun! Our guests have been fantastic!!!! We wanted to share some of our favorite images from the last couple months. Guests have loved our new addition of the paddleboard  (SUP).

Please make sure you follow our facebook page for daily updates, and PLEASE tag your pictures from Caribbean Beach Cabanas or your Placencia fun under #caribbeanbeachcabanas, we'd love to feature your pictures on our site!

Lastly, remember to tune in to HGTV this Sunday, February 21st, at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central to watch the early days of Caribbean Beach Cabanas, on Beachfront Bargain Hunt!

 Our signature CBC drink at Tranquilo!!
 Placencia is known for its gorgeous sunrises...if you can get out of bed before 6am! :)
 Guest enjoying the she floating or is the water that clear? (hint: the latter:))
 Typical CBC afternoon!
 A typical scene beachfront at CBC...
 A guest who mastered the paddleboard on her first attempt! A natural!
 Bonita photobomb...
 Lots of dolphin sightings...this one a double!
View of CBC...lots of relaxing this day!
 Not a crummy afternoon.


  1. Hi Laura! I have read all your posts. Really appreciate it! We are coming down April 24th ft or 2 weeks on our first trip there. So looking forward to it...we have been doing sooo much research. We are insane I think, but are planning to move down as soon as we sell our farm here. Hopefully by late summer. Hope to meet you. Wish we were staying with you but are on a tight budget this trip. Your place is beautiful!
    We we be tuned in tonight on hgtv! Have had it on the calendar for over a
    Can I email you with a few questions?

  2. Would you mind giving me your personal email? Ours is djosburn@gmail.Com :)

    1. Sure Jill :) Thanks for watching us tonight and congrats on your decision!!

  3. Just watched the hgtv episode; what a great couple! Happy to see it has worked out for both of you; your pictures are gorgeous! Hope some day I'm lucky enough to visit!

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