Friday, July 24, 2015

House update and some pics of critters.....:-p

Just a quick update on the house we are building, for those interested in what it is like to build here! It has gone remarkably well, surpassed our expectations. We are AHEAD of schedule (has that ever been said on a construction project here????) and it looks gorgeous. The pictures say it all!
Upstairs inside framing

 3rd floor tower!
 View from the North
 View from the seaside

 View from walking up South

 Awesome spiral staircase! Want a free anxiety attack rush? Walk up this staircase without its handrails. I did.
Although I shouldn't post things like this, I just have to :). We had our first experience with waking up to find a scorpion chilling on our kitchen sink! They often try and seek out water so you are not as likely to find them on your pillow. Please note, I was terrified of critters when I got here having had no experience with these things in Cleveland. However, seriously, after almost a year and a half, I have only run across a few, they are more scared of me, and even if they bite you, nothing is going to REALLY hurt you!! So here is our buddy the scorpion....
Followed a couple days later by this monstrous, probably 4-5 foot head to tail "dinosaur" in our front yard!!!! Sticks about lost his sh*t with this one.
Let's try to relax by enjoying much cuter pictures. Here is Sticks enjoying his morning walk....
Sticks and Dave having a moment....
Sticks and my friend Sandy's adorable daughter....
Cute dogs make it all ok. Note, they will probably not protect you from the above creatures.


  1. Your new house looks great, congrats.

  2. Very interesting photos. I had so much fun with my anti jet lag buddy, jetLAGFX I have been traveling for several years now.