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Ambergris vs. Roatan vs. Placencia...pros/cons, best beaches?

Ambergris vs. Roatan vs. Placencia...pros/cons, best beaches?

A comparison to help you choose the beach vacation that fits you best!


  • close to the reef
  • many choices for restaurants/hotels
  • cheap to get there on water taxi from Belize Airport
  • gorgeous water
  • shark alley
View from Ramon's in town
What most of the beachfront in town looks like....
View from Estelle's

HERE is a more in depth review of my visit to Roatan...

  • green, hilly, gorgeous
  • Sundowner's--best tiki beach bar ever!
  • good, Americanized choices for hotels and restaurants
  • can stay up in the hills with sweeping views or on the beach
  • English is prevalent even in the Spanish speaking Honduras
  • ability to hit Utila on a trip here as well
West Bay Beach
West End Beach!


  • Rustic, authentic feel-also very laid back and relaxing
  • waves at the beaches!
  • tons of beach space, you will always be able to walk to the beach no matter where you are staying
  • diving with whale sharks
  • Can get inland more easily--also biking and walking are very easy here compared to the other two
Typical Placencia beach
Another view north of village
Typical sunrise

Bird's Eye Views....

  • VERY busy-like watch your back or you may get hit with a golf cart
  • most developed of the three
  • if you stay far from San Pedro, which is common to do, it is quite hard to get into town from some places
  • if you only stay here, you may miss more the authentic Belizean culture you can find inland
Noticeably the most busy and developed of the three!

  • you are more of less on the islands for your trip--very difficult to get around the mainland unless you know what you are doing
  • very hard to bike or ride anywhere--narrow streets 
  • two tourist areas are set apart from the rest of the population-and they lack some authenticity
Noticeably the most hilly and green.....

  • more expensive to get to than Ambergris
  • not as developed as the other two--still a lot of development to go
  • sea grass can be a problem
  •  more limitations on luxurious accommodations than the other two

To see my more in depth guest post review click through to Battle of the Best Beaches Ambergris, Placencia and Roatan on!

All three are fantastic places to visit....based on your level of comfort with rustic/authentic Central American culture, level of Americanized coastline, busy-ness, touristy options, and amount of travel--everyone will have their own personal favorite!

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