Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival...3rd Cabana open....More fun high season images!

Placencia’s Sidewalk Arts Festival was this past Valentine’s Weekend….great job to all the artists and volunteers! It was crowded and happy, great weather, and everyone I talked to bought a lot of fun stuff. Here are some images from the sidewalk near Tipsy Tuna…

This week marks one year since Dave and my first visit to Placencia. I can see why we never left….February is so pretty here! The water has been great, perfect weather….great sunrises…here are some recent pics….

I happened to snap a couple shots while out and about, that show off some of the other gems in Placencia…here is Cozy Corner, don’t miss their conch and lobster fritters!!

And here was a pretty shot from the water at Paradise Resort….
And at Caribbean Beach Cabanas, we are so excited to announce the official opening of our third rental, the Casita! It is officially on the site and ready for guests. We welcomed our first guest this week after having it friend tested… far the guest is loving it!! We are about half full already for the next few months…..there is definitely NOT a guest problem in Placencia. Guests still marvel at how quiet it stays during the day even though most places really are full! One of the mysteries here.

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