Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A guide to planning the BEST vacation ever, in Placencia, Belize!

It is so overwhelming to not only decide where to go for your next vacation, but then how to pick where to stay? What to pack? What to do??? 

If you are even THINKING about Belize for your vacation....READ THIS!! You will know you made the right choice :)

For those sharp travelers who already chose Placencia, Belize, here are some valuable tips and information to help you plan for a perfect vacation!!
Enjoy the free images of Placencia, Belize, scattered in this blog, to help build your excitement further!!

First of all....
Congratulations for picking Placencia, Belize for your vacation,
it's where the rest of Belize goes to vacation!
Let's start here...

What hotel should I book and how to pick??
Check out THIS guide!
What should I pack?
Click HERE to read a recent blog post on this topic. Also, on our website, click HERE and scroll down a bit for a general list. Want some interesting and unique, budget and space friendly souvenir ideas? See HERE!
Also, click HERE to check out an innovative new way to get your vacation started....if you are flying in or out of the cities listed...you can use Turo to not only save money on your cab transportation, but even rent out your car to make money while you are gone! You can read more here... airport car rentals
What tours/excursions should I book?
The options can be a bit overwhelming….Cave tubing, hiking, snorkeling, boating, sailing, fishing, fine restaurants, shopping, Mayan tours, sunset cruises, scuba diving, cave tours, bird watching, biking, jungle tours, ziplining, parasailing, kite surfing, the zoo, helicopter tours, and more! You can book before you come, or simply visit the excursion offices while you are here—they are all within walking distance of the village. HERE is a blog post with our recommendations for your time here…..and HERE are some frugal vacation tips!
What do I do when I get to Placencia to get to my hotel?
Cabs are plentiful at the Placencia Airport! If your hotel does not offer complimentary pick up, you will have a ride waiting for about $6us, into the village!
How can I get even more excited for my vacation?
Check out THESE ideas! 

Can I drive in Belize?
Yes! See how to do it HERE!!!

Other Important Information…and how to get the most out of even your flight down!
If you are taking Tropic or Maya Air, coming from the US or Canada.....you'll fly into our one and only international airport (the airport code is BZE). When you get off the plane you'll go through immigration and customs and then after collecting your bags (* see note below) will proceed to the Tropic Air counter to check in for your flight to Placencia. You can pre-book this flight by going to www.tropicair.com. The flights are scheduled throughout the day. The flight is only 40 minutes long and once you're away from the mainland the water turns beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. Ask the pilot if you can sit in the co-pilot seat-they will let you if you ask. The right side of the plane shows you the Maya Mountains and the lagoon, and across the mainland. The left side shows you spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea—get your camera out! 

* - One note here before you leave the baggage claim area. After you are in the baggage claim area look around and you'll see a store called "Arrival Duty Free". This is NOT your typical duty free store where you buy wine or perfume, etc, when you leave; this store is for buying when you ARRIVE in Belize and they have the very best prices. If want to enjoy any of the name brand liquors like Bombay Gin, Johnny Walker Scotch, Stoli Vodka or any of the others MAKE SURE you buy those liquors here at this store. Because of the high import tax these same liquors will cost twice as much in Belize. (local rum, beer, vodka are relatively inexpensive)
Lastly, before coming to Belize make copies of your passports, credit cards and driver’s license. Scan and email yourself copies and leave a copy at home in a safe. That way if you lose any of these items while you are here they will be easier to replace. Also, bring enough medicine with you if you take any prescription meds. Our local pharmacies are usually well stocked with general antibiotics, minor pain killers, cold and flu meds, etc but if you need anything special bring it with you.

And finally....Relax, enjoy, and leave your cell phone off while you are here!!! :)


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