Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reviews of Fusion, Tranquilo, Lost Reef Resort, and the perfect weather this week!

It was a gorgeous week! Clear water, mostly clear skies, people were everywhere on the beaches this week. Today, Sunday, has been cloudy but no complaints after this week we had! Here are a few shots of the crystal clear skies we saw:

Dave got home on Tuesday, and it was so nice out, I got him to change right into his trunks and head to Fusion. It did not disappoint! There were several groups there enjoying drinks and the great pool. It looks like Miami beach, you will NOT be disappointed to spend an afternoon here, we are planning on taking a large group of our friends there in a week! Don't miss the Here are a couple pics of what you see as you lay out:

Also on the list this week was Tranquilo. If you want a truly unique experience for you or for your guests, GO THERE. We called Geof on our way to the pier, and we easily found the little boat "3 Things" that takes you to the Placencia Caye dock--about a 2 minute ride. Oh, we saw this on the way to the restaurant in the 2 filter....(this is a dolphin, not a great white.)
Geof, the manager, was so warm, gracious, and welcoming! 
The sunset we caught was perfect, and Geof even took us on a fun little adventure to see a bit of the Caye and the development there. Some great history there already! The staff were great, and Dave loved the margaritas. At sunset you get a free sunset shot--AWESOME...I drank it like a drink, it was so good. We both had the tuna and the shrimp puppies, and both felt it was one of the best dishes we have had in Placencia. It was a really quiet and relaxing evening, so special and truly unique. This is a MUST DO and we will be taking our friends there as well! Look at these images!!

The menu....GET THE TUNA!

The weather was so nice yesterday we continues our outdoor activities...starting with breakfast at De'tatch. You can't go wrong, it is a classic, but just to reiterate....look at this fun!

We then took our kayaks up to Maya Beach and found a spot to launch, This was not as successful as the rest of the The wind picked up and we were fighting waves on the lagoon for about 90 minutes before we gave up, not really going anywhere ;). I did get a lot of seawater in my face/mouth. Dave told me afterwards, that he saw a really strange reptilian creature raise his head up out of the water, and figured if he told me in the moment, that would have ended the fun earlier. He was right. He did see two dolphins too--although just the fins, so perhaps we were being circled by sharks as well as alligators. We decided to head up to Riversdale, before we disappeared into the lagoon, to see Lost Reef Resort, as we have heard good things.

Lost Reef Resort is what I imagine when I think of Belize :). Rustic little beach cabanas, a bar that looks made from a ship, a cute little pool with hammocks, pelicans, dogs, and iguanas walking around. Earl the bartender was so great. The weather calmed down and we had a perfect afternoon there. I recommend this highly as a rustic little afternoon getaway!!! Check these out...

And finally, anyone who wishes I would post more Sticks pictures...(Just me perhaps)...I have decided the dog does enough memorable things to warrant his own little Facebook page :). He just makes everyone smile, so for anyone who finds this kind of entertainment worthwhile, here is his new facebook page :)
Sticks at De'tatch...being pensive perhaps, about the possibility of success with his new page.

Can't wait to see our Cleveland friends in less than a week!!

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