Sunday, January 4, 2015

Great new things to try in Placencia! And...good news, dolphin sightings everywhere....bad news....Sargassum is back :(

The good news is, Placencia has a few new offerings for guests (and those of us living here :) ). I have been shocked that even after 9 months here, there are things we haven't done! We also have a couple months of guest feedback that has been really helpful, and I'd like to pass it on. The bad news is.....the Sargassum is back!!! I can't believe it. It just showed up in San Pedro a couple weeks ago and it appears it didn't last long. It just showed up on our shores yesterday. I heard that it normally takes a week or two to flush itself back out....we will be raking our hands off until then for our guests :).

Here is a picture from Rebecca at San Pedro Scoop, showing it in San Pedro.....
I can't bear to post a picture yet of it here. If it continues I will be forced to!

Just a couple weeks ago, we found this guy swimming right on our shore! The difference in the water when the sargassum comes in is night and day.
More good news for guests is that the dolphins have been out and about....sargassum or not, this is one of the best things to see on vacation, and it is free!! We are noticing that late afternoon, if you go by the pier, there is a family of dolphins that is frequently just feet away. Here is a picture Sue took the other day:
In other news, we are loving our new apartment. We are getting the casita ready for guests and already are filling up some weeks. I can't complain about the view in the new is the daytime view...
And here is a sunset view....
We have had GREAT guests in the last couple months. They have all had a blast and thought very highly of Belize and Placencia. Our recent guests were able to join some of the first people to check out Fusion Beach...which is just a short walk from us on the beach! They have a pool and a bar/restaurant; this is one of the first things I will be checking out!! Here are some pictures from their facebook page....

Another new place to check out is called Tranquilo....on Placencia Caye...they offer a free boat ride to their bar/restaurant, and you get amazing sunset views! Another place I will be checking out shortly! And another pic I borrowed from their facebook page. And here is what I found about what they offer...
Open at 3PM. Located On Placencia Caye, 300 yards from village pier. FREE boat shuttle from pier, call 620.7763 or 661.8787. Best sunset in Placencia. Enjoy a sunset shot on us, and try out panko cashew crusted grouper, ms. michelle's Belizean pork chops, conch fritters, ceviche.
Another great idea....we recently went and checked out the happy hour at Laru Beya....beautiful pool and great oceanside bar, wonderful happy hour! Luigi was our he is :)
And look at this view! They allow free use of their pool if you come and order lunch or dinner, or a drink!
Sargassum be damned. Above are two great pool options, the weather has been great, so come on down! Or, stay in the states to get your Mayan culture in. We found this gem on our holiday visit home.....they did not exactly hit the mark on Mayan food with their American Mexican take on it....:-p


  1. Hi Laura
    I have been following your blog for some time now. Thank you so much for the information and the entertainment. My wife and I are dreaming of relocating in Caribbean in the near future. We are planning a trip to Belize in April. We may even try to "drop by"

  2. Hi Ron, thanks for following the blog and we would love to have you drop by!