Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A visual tour of Placencia Village on a beautiful, perfect Tuesday morning!

In chronological order, starting North of the village at Caribbean Beach Cabanas, and ending at Above Ground Coffee House (yum!). Especially good if you are stuck in a blizzard today.

The shore in front of Caribbean Beach Cabanas.....wow.

 Heading towards the village, South, from Caribbean Beach Cabanas...

 Love these lights.....great "free" lighting idea

 A must do-Rick's Cafe. Awesome pizza!

 Pickled Parrot....for all your Sports Tiki Bar needs.

 Inside Above Grounds....looks like a Treehouse!

 The veranda at Above Grounds....does not suck.
I couldn't help but take all these :). I hope it brightens up some days for people heading down!


  1. I did not hear about this place so thanks for showing a nice place with nice images. I would like to take a guys trips !

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