Monday, September 8, 2014

Sargassum seaweed craziness on the beaches....and a review of Dragonfly Moon!

It is getting pretty quiet on the peninsula right now. We knew coming in that September and October are really slow months, because the weather is typically at its worst, the breeze dies down, it gets muggy, bugs get worse, and a lot of restaurants and businesses take weeks to months long breaks this time of year. We have had a LOT of rain the last few days, and on top of that, something called Sargassum has taken over the Caribbean Sea! Shores all over the Caribbean, Florida, Texas, etc are getting hit with it, and we haven't been spared.

Sargassum is a sea grass that links itself together out in the Sea and is a barrier for turtles and other creatures. Because of increased temperatures in the Sea, a huge island of the stuff "broke free" and so islands and islands of the grossness are washing up on shores. It is messy, smelly, and I feel really badly for anyone coming here right now for their idyllic beach vacation :(. Thankfully, while it is really bad this year, it is temporary and doesn't mean that some disaster is going on :)
Here is an interesting article about it from just north of us, in Ambergris Caye:

There are great pictures of it in that article, and here are some pictures that I debated sharing, because it is so bad :) but I will, because it is fascinating!!
It is 30 feet out from the shore!

 A close up of the grossness...

And a reminder of what the shores NORMALLY look like!!

In happier news, we finally went to dinner at Dragonfly Moon...this restaurant looks like it should be on Miami Beach; someone with a great eye designed it! Amy was our server and was wonderful. 

 Our server Amy :)
The food was fantastic! There is a page of Dim Sum--I think it means little food, and you can try plates of little buns and dumplings....
The atmosphere and indoor bar are great too. I would definitely put this on the HIGHLY recommended list when you come! Especially after getting your fill of chicken and rice, this is such a refreshing change :)

Another new restaurant with exotic food has opened, called Tiger, and we will be reviewing that shortly :) 


  1. Hi Laura, we would like to stay at your Cabana from Nov 8 - 15 but before booking just wondering if the beach is any better yet. Don't like the look of the pictures you posted.

  2. Hi Elaine, yes the Sargassum is gone! The beach is great again. Please email me at to secure a room, we do have an open cabana that week!