Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snorkeling underwater pics....renovated casita....moving times!

A while since last post because the minute we dropped Shannon was game on for moving! We moved out of the cabana--finally!!!--and into the casita. (12-14 hours days this past week :) )The casita is adorable and we are in love with it. It feels huge and the king sized bed is more luxurious than I could have imagined. the rain is REALLY loud on the corrugated roof without insulation....but worth it :) Saeed our bamboo guy came through with great furniture including new loveseats and stools for the cabanas, and is delivering the bamboo for the porch and for the front of our peninsulas inside the cabanas. He is also making doors for us. After that final phase we will be done with the casita!

Also, our neighbor Bebe has an underwater camera and sent me these great pics of our Laughingbird Caye snorkeling trip...I think this is a great investment if you plan to come down and snorkel!

 Nurse shark!
 Our guide Sonny!
 Weird Sea Spider-crab looking thing. He wanted us to touch it but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
 Great pic of the shore!
 So we also had to get Sol, the cabana we were living in for the last couple months, in shape for Madalyn, Tom, and Kate's visit. Here is a quick pic of the inside of the new and improved space!
I had to throw in this little piece of art I did this week...anyone that met Morgan, Dave's old Labrador, knows that this dog was very special. I did a fun piece with Sticks and Morgan hanging out by the shore with their favorite things :) Dave rehabbed an old table and piece of wood from the old casita so the old table really has some sentimental value :)
Also I wanted to throw in some fun facts about Belize... it is HARD to get good pizza here. I was so excited to have an actual oven that I was going to throw a good old Digiorno into the cart this week..until I saw the price. That actually says $36.96 bz. Yes, almost $20 US for a frozen pizza....LOL!!! Yes I put it back in the freezer at the store. Chicken and rice it is!
 Here are some pics of the almost done casita. The front of the peninsula will be covered in bamboo and there will be bamboo doors on the cabinets.
 King bed!!!
 Mexican painted sink :)
 Actual desk areas!
 Omg it feels like a palace!!
Next up are pics from our trip to pick up the furniture from Saeed and the first day of Madalyn, Tom, and Kate's visit!!

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