Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rotary Handing Over at Flying Pig...Pickled Parrot Wednesday!

Wednesday was Rotary Handing over at Patrick's the Flying Pig...we have a Blind Pig and Flying Monkey in Cleveland so this felt really at home :) Patrick and Rotary did an awesome job! I also got pinned, along with Brenda, as Placencia's newest Rotary member! I joined the community service project committee and I am so excited to take part in their meaningful and worthwhile projects. One of the first things we will be doing is mentoring two kids who received Rotary scholarships to attend high school, as kids have to pay to attend in Belize. I am very excited to meet the two kids in July!
Shannon and Dave before the event....can't get enough thatched roofs here, you really feel like you are somewhere!
Almost Cleveland :)
Christine, Bev, Bill, and Judy, Rotarians....
Great venue!
Rene Villanueva, the District Governor Elect...wonderful man with a fascinating history in Belize. He is thoughtful and interesting and has great ideas for uniting the Rotary groups of Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. He also founded Love FM, which is a well known station in Belize!
The Rotary banner looks the same wherever you go in the world!
Pinning new members :)

The newest board for the Placencia Rotary! 

We stopped for a quick visit to Pickled Parrot afterwards, as we are trying to show Shannon every spot we can. Lynn, Tommy, and Eugene were as fun and welcoming as always :) We had some fun joking about the difficulties they have had in supplying the bar, due to a lot of the shops being closed for a couple days, to recover from Lobsterfest :)

Another good group pic :)
Love this Tourist Tan chart in the bathroom! Shannon is really moving down in these charts :)
Shannon shared with me some of her pics from her camera from the is a Lobsterfest one, where Bolo the beach dog followed Shannon everywhere she went that night....
Shannon and me :)
Shannon dancing at Tipsy Tuna!!! 

Lots of events had been happening at Tipsy Tuna while she was here and we had some of our most fun times here :) 

Next up was our fun from Thursday through the weekend!

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