Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maya Beach tour, Belize version of 4th of July!! ...and Shannon's last day :(:(

Thursday we took it easy in the morning :) We had the burrito bowls at Tipsy Tuna for good!!

A beautiful and festive place for lunch :)

Shannon and I went on a little Maya Beach tour later that day. We started at the Maya Beach Bistro, which is usually said to have some of the best food on the peninsula. The service was excellent and we had some great food. There are a lot of charming sights around the open air restaurant.....even the bathroom! We also had an espresso martini which was one of the best we have ever had! Highly recommended :)
Their pool....
Even the front entrance is charming!
We ordered 4 small plates for our meal. Fish cakes, yellowfin tacos, fried cheese and olives, and tuna nachos.....all excellent!

We then walked around the Maya Beach area, there are many really charming resorts in the area including Green Parrot, Singing Sands, and Maya Breeze. A good afternoon outing is to just walk the beach and get into an adventure up there :)
Sweet mama's at Robert Grove....very cute atmosphere and cheap food!!
Friday was 4th of July!! We were excited about our plan to watch the sunset at Yoli's and watch the Lost Reefers....there are many expats that hang out at Yoli's so we thought it would be a good place to feel at home. :) The Lost Reefers were a LOT of fun! We met up with Chris and Sonia and then met up with new friends Hayley and Gari from the UK, at Rumfish. Shannon, Dave, and I were the only Americans in the group celebrating the 4th :)
The Lost Reefers....
Rumfish! We had a GREAT time with this group. Pam and John were so welcoming and fun as always. They put up with our group playing shoulders and being a bit....loud :) 
Shannon, Hayley, Dave, Gari and I at Tipsy afterwards.....we sang kareoke, played pool, and watched some inebriated doctoral students light their hands on fire setting off sparklers from the Chinese store....and had fun switching accents for the evening...that was WAY more fun than it sounds :)
Today is Shannon's last day! :(:(:( Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and rainy all day. It matched our mood :). We had perfect weather all week and could use a relaxing day. Poor Sticks was under the weather all morning too. Finally we peeled ourselves away and went to.....Tipsy Tuna again!!....for one last lunch. Sticks came along so we could keep an eye on him and he just wanted to be held all day....Dave would probably prefer to NOT be seen cuddling a chihuahua :)
Picture of the storm today....
We spent the rest of the day trying out the new TV...watching movies....eating ice cream and looking through all our pictures from the trip. :) We are all sad today and we will miss Shannon SO much!! We couldn't have had a better week with her and we are already planning her next visit :):):)

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