Monday, June 9, 2014

The Wingle, Dangriga, Jaguar lanes, and Punta Gorda!

The last few days have been a total whirlwind! It will be hard to keep this short but it won't be, fair warning. High points were Dave hitched a ride to San Ignacio last Thursday and drove himself home in his new WINGLE!! OK it is not a Mahindra, the Indian truck, but it is maybe the next most exotic if you live in the US?? It is a Chinese truck called the Wingle by Great Wall Motors. It is used, already needed a bit of a tune up to get it home, but it is in pretty good shape.
We drove to Dangriga on Friday to get the right papers. When we got there, Dave realized he was so excited about Wingle that he forgot the important papers. We also showed up 3 minutes after the office was closed. We were able to get a truckload of tile for the casita so it wasn't a wasted trip....but a two hour round trip kind of wasted doesn't bring out the best in anyone. Then, the best part of the trip was getting to a police checkpoint without the important papers showing we owned the vehicle. The rest of that story is best told in person. :):) Our other new experience was in picking up hitchhikers, which you don't do under any circumstance in the US, unless you want your throat cut, but here it is very normal and almost rude if you have the room, to not pick them up. Yes mom and mother in law, we are picking up hitchhikers, but before you get faint of heart, it is less this, what you are picturing:
and more this:
We went bowling Friday night...after Dave and a young guy he found to help him, carry loads and loads of tile from the truck all the way across the looked hard. We made it just in time to bowl at Jaguar Lanes with Chris and Sonia. While we started the weekend a little on the rough side, we had a great time, and before we knew it, Carlos, Sue, Jenny, and a few new friends showed up and we ended at Mango's. We "closed" the bar down, which was really at 10:15, and it was an awesome time. Chris offered us the opportunity to go with him and Sonia to Punta Gorda on Saturday, because he had to check out some property. We jumped at the chance to go, and it turned into a great adventure. Here are some pics from bowling:

Again thanks to Sue and Carlos for stepping in last minute to watch Sticks! Sticks and Sue are BFF's so everyone wins!

Saturday was great. Everyone was slow moving in the morning, but we drove the 2 hours to Punta Gorda, picking up Chris's friend Rilda on the way. Rilda showed us her bar she used to run and is in the process of possibly re-opening....and we got a good laugh at the hilarious painting on one of the walls.....Rilda asked for a couple to be cuddling under a waterfall....what the artist painted is....well, you decide! LOL

We stayed at Seafront Inn, which for us was paradise! After months of sleeping in non air conditioning and a full size bed, the room seemed like the Ritz. We had fun exploring the village, got some great pictures, Dave and Chris went swimming in what I would call advanced river swimming, we drove through isolated Mayan villages, with pigs, horses, and chickens running everywhere. The Mayans were so friendly!
Mayan soccer game and village:

Interesting Mayan Signs.....
Clean Water is Mucho Safe!
Just read it. 
Not competing with Applebee's anytime soon.
Mayan chicken and skinny cow...

Advanced river swim

We went to our first Mayan ruin, Lubaantun. The jungle around us was stunning.
Dave, there hasn't been a game played here in 1500 years...
Seafront Inn....recommended!!

And later in the evening....some locals searching for the crab they dropped after it grabbed Chris's beer and wouldn't let go....

Dogs hang out on the roof here.
The next day, we found the "Earth Ship" deep in the jungle....where Dave insisted we stop, and a long haired guy with blood on his shirt, holding a machete, greeted Dave. Dave needed to use his best people skills and thankfully succeeded, and ended up getting us a tour of the place. It was pretty wild....made of all recycled bottles and concrete.....interesting background if you care to click.....

We stopped at a few other places along the way...this is not Toledo, Ohio :)

After a long day, I ended the night making a really pretty face.
And we went here twice....also recommended! And you can plug your phone in and play whatever music you want :)
We also hung out in what I would call an authentic rainforest cafe lol.

We ended up deciding to stop and see Jenny at the Belize Ocean Club on our way home, where we met several really fun people, including a guy who had bought Nicolas Cage's yacht and the captain who worked for him! They were a lot of fun. We also stopped to get Sticks and ended the weekend with a dip in their pool...thanks again guys! :)
Now it is Monday, and we are back to reality :) Dave is having the inside of the casita painted tomorrow, we are planning the next phase which will include us moving and getting this place ready to have guests!!

And of course, one last picture of Sticks.....he approves of the Wingle!


  1. Small world, when we went to the Chocolate festival we also explored the ruins, PG and I later found out that the owner of the Earthship is a good friend. We are enjoying your blog, keep it coming.

  2. Lol!! Well I was partly kidding about how he was when he found him :) He was a great guy!